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Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan

Unabridged Audio Book

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Robert Petkoff, Bill OReilly

9 Hours 22 Minutes

Macmillan Audio

September 2016


Audio Book Summary

The powerful and riveting new audiobook in the multimillion-selling Killing series by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

Autumn 1944. World War II is nearly over in Europe but is escalating in the Pacific, where American soldiers face an opponent who will go to any length to avoid defeat. The Japanese army follows the samurai code of Bushido, stipulating that surrender is a form of dishonor. Killing the Rising Sun takes readers to the bloody tropical-island battlefields of Peleliu and Iwo Jima and to the embattled Philippines, where General Douglas MacArthur has made a triumphant return and is plotting a full-scale invasion of Japan.

Across the globe in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists are preparing to test the deadliest weapon known to mankind. In Washington, DC, FDR dies in office and Harry Truman ascends to the presidency, only to face the most important political decision in history: whether to use that weapon. And in Tokyo, Emperor Hirohito, who is considered a deity by his subjects, refuses to surrender, despite a massive and mounting death toll. Told in the same page-turning style of Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus, Killing Patton, and Killing Reagan, this epic saga details the final moments of World War II like never before.

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  • James J

    Book really suck suck real bad

    Book Rating

  • Julia S

    Another fantastic historical chronical! I thoroughly enjoyed it and (re)learned the valuable history of WWII and the dawn of the nuclear age.

    Book Rating


    This is the perfect audio book for this subject matter. This book is, in short, a collection of works summarizing the war with Japan. It's not only about the bomb. A MUST READ/Listen

    Book Rating

  • Jayne G

    This should be required reading for every high school student in the US. Students need to understand the situation from all angles that factored into the decisions made during WWII in the Japanese theater. Very important that our youths are properly educated on facts.

    Book Rating

  • Karen J

    Excellent narration of the Japanese conflict during WWII and the American victory. A tragic time for all involved. It's a fascinating read and I learned a lot about that part of WWII which I had not learned as much about as the European conflict. Highly recommend!

    Book Rating

  • Tom A

    A great read or listen ???? An amazing testimony of why this was one of our greatest generations and to the men and women that sacrificed so much. Well done.

    Book Rating

  • Brennan R

    Great book!!!! A lot of the focus was on the atrocities of the Japanese military, the atomic bombs and the aftermath of the bombs. Learned a lot of new things from this book.

    Book Rating

  • Matthew W

    As Allways, great book from Mr. O'Reilly

    Book Rating

  • Christopher Z

    Excellent details about the actual dropping of the 2 bombs on Japan. As always the more I read about WWII in the Pacific the more I shudder. There is no irony in the fact that the final decision to end the war was evil vs. evil. Either thousands of military men die, on both sides, in an invasion. Or thousands civilians die in a milli-second. What a horrible quandary. As far as the "controversy " of the deed itself, it'll wage on forever. May God have mercy on the souls involved.

    Book Rating

  • Elliotte F

    I have now finished all of the Bill O\' Reilly \"Killing\" books. This is by far his best! I was interested in every page! The brutality of war is horrific! God Bless President Truman. All honor and respect to The Greatest Generation. This book should be required reading in all US History Classes. Great job!

    Book Rating