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Outliers: The Story of Success

Unabridged Audio Book

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Malcolm Gladwell

7 Hours 18 Minutes

Hachette Book Group USA

November 2008

Audio Book Summary

There is a story that is usually told about extremely successful people, a story that focuses on intelligence and ambition. Gladwell argues that the true story of success is very different, and that if we want to understand how some people thrive, we should spend more time looking around them-at such things as their family, their birthplace, or even their birth date. And in revealing that hidden logic, Gladwell presents a fascinating and provocative blueprint for making the most of human potential.

In The Tipping Point Gladwell changed the way we understand the world. In Blink he changed the way we think about thinking. In OUTLIERS he transforms the way we understand success.

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  • Carmen Victoria U

    The greatest book I\'ve ever read.

    Book Rating

  • Adrian U

    Very great read, dives you into the lives of the successful and their progressive opportunity management. It is full of great knowledge and very easy to comprehend.

    Book Rating

  • Aik Okaro

    Great read and very thoughtful. I am glad I was not disappointed.

    Book Rating

  • Sam Elliott

    Great read! Highly recommend! A book that will definitely leave you thinking in a different way.

    Book Rating

  • Dan Dunlap

    Insightful and thought provoking; an excellent read from a very creative author.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    book looks at how social circumstances can make a person's success. It briefly looks at the person's influence/effort. The book is heavily leaned to a liberal bias.

    Book Rating

  • Mark Kremer

    in a typical Malcolm Gladwell Gladwell fashion, "Outliers" offers intriguing insight into what makes outstanding achievers... outstanding achievers. The assertions of the book are not obvious and counter intuitive, supported by a wide range of prior academic research, and brought to bare with convincing example. Though some of the claims, like the "10,000 hours magic", sound suspiciously elegant, the principal of the arguments stands. In retrospect, "Outliers" helped me understand the outstanding people that I had the good fortune to work with, and furthermore the ones that were expected to stand out and did not. The narration, by Malcolm him very self, like his writing style was clear and effective.

    Book Rating

  • Janet Slavenski

    I appreciated the facts and interest this book brought to me personally. The authors own story was an added bonus

    Book Rating

  • Matthew Chase

    Familiar with Malcolm Gladwell from his work with Bill Simmons. I always enjoyed his work on the podcast and most recently the TV show. I knew about this book and the 10,000 hour theory but for some reason never read it. Finally decided to take the plunge and now feel dumb for having waited this long. I finished it and then immediately started over. Genius stuff. So hard to explain these concepts but Gladwell does it with such ease in transition and language. Thankful for this book. I've already recommended it to numerous people. Get it now!

    Book Rating

  • Melissa Gue

    Another great book by this great author! Very thought provoking! A lot of A-Ha moments. (Grateful for the narration/audio version as I was recovering from eye surgery).

    Book Rating