Book Rating (65)
Narrator Rating (21)

Zombie Fallout 2: A Plague Upon Your Family

Unabridged Audio Book

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Sean Runnette

10 Hours 59 Minutes

Tantor Media

March 2012

Audio Book Summary

Book two of the Zombie Fallout series continues as the Talbot family battles a ruthless, relentless enemy.

The Talbots are evacuating their home amidst a zombie apocalypse. Mankind is on the edge of extinction as a new dominant, mindless opponent scours the landscape in search of food, which just so happens to be noninfected humans.

This book follows the journey of Michael Talbot, his wife Tracy, and their three kids, Nicole, Justin and Travis. Accompanying them are Brendon, Nicole's fiancée and former Wal-Mart door greeter, Tommy, who may be more than he seems. Together they struggle against a ruthless, relentless enemy that has singled them out above all others. The Talbots have escaped Little Turtle, but to what end? For, on the run, they find themselves encountering a far vaster evil than the one that has already beset them. As they travel across the war-torn countryside they soon learn that there are more than just zombies to be fearful of; with law and order a long-distant memory, some humans have decided to take any and all matters into their own hands. Can the Talbots come through unscathed, or will they suffer the fate of so many countless millions before them? It's not just brains versus brain-eaters anymore. And the stakes may be higher than merely life and death, with eternal souls on the line.

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  • tracy hunt

    good book, not quiet as good as the first one but still a creative take on the genre

    Book Rating

  • David Kosta

    The series is awesome! So much fun to listen to. Narration is top notch.

    Book Rating

  • Daniel Dutzy

    I agree. Not as good as the first but still worth a listen.

    Book Rating

  • Maria J

    Another awesome book!! And a great narrator. Can't wait for the next book

    Book Rating

  • William C

    Great book! I couldn't stop listening!

    Book Rating

  • Jason M

    I can't say enough. Do yourself a favor. Listen to this. The narrator gives you exactly what the author wanted you to feel, and it'll feel good, then sad, then some laughter, then a few tears if you have a heart...

    Book Rating

  • Matt Proctor

    Love the opening prologues that answer questions left unanswered in the first book. Great character building, and really great narration.

    Book Rating

  • Doreen Berarducci

    This second book was not of the same pitch as the first. This installment was more about the progression of "what the hell is going on? to "oh crap, what now? I am still on the fence about whether I liked this book as much as the first . I do know that I am looking forward to the next leg of the journey and for that reason alone I am giving the book 4 stars.

    Book Rating

  • Tammy Gould

    Awesome book keeping me going with the narrator. I think it is as good as the first.

    Book Rating

  • Greg Buck

    A very good second book! A lot of fun and well paced. I even more of a fan of Big T!

    Book Rating