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2001: A Space Odyssey

Unabridged Audio Book

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Dick Hill

6 Hours 44 Minutes

Brilliance Audio

October 2004

Audio Book Summary

It has been more than forty years since the publication of this classic science fiction novel that changed the way we look at the stars and ourselves. From the savannas of Africa at the dawn of mankind to the rings of Saturn as man adventures to the outer rim of our solar system, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a journey unlike any other.This allegory about humanity's exploration of the universe, and the universe's reaction to humanity, was the basis for director Stanley Kubrick's immortal film, and lives on as a hallmark achievement in storytelling.

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  • Natalie B.

    The book was shorter than I expected it to be, otherwise it was a fantastic listen. The characters' accents were a bit funny, but the narration of HAL made up for any shortcomings. As always, the book went into decadent detail that the movie left out (not to say the movie was not a cinematic masterpiece); it creates a different illustration of its near-future landscape. It was a fun tale about the origin of man, it's present evolution, and its musings about transcendence. All of the key elements in the story reflect our society today, making it a must-read for anyone living today, and for those in our future.

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  • Jeremy H

    The book is so much more than the movie, but isn't that often the case? The detail is phenomenal though. I enjoyed the casual factual references and the sometimes mundane statements which reflect the inner monologues of characters. The narrator, and narration, is also very good. Smooth, easy on the ear and well paced, like someone who has read the book a dozen times and knew exactly how and when to pause and when not to.

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  • Ernest McNutt

    I saw the film and read the book in the 80's. I had forgotten how rich the whole story is and how it is much more than the parts with HAL. That said, he narrator does a great job with HAL and the other voices. Clarke builds a very detailed world out of the imagined future of the mid 1960's. The book is a treat and has so many echoes in the mythology of other science fiction that is popular today.

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