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Alien Commander's Chosen

Unabridged Audio Book

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Justine O. Keef

11 Hours 12 Minutes

Tantor Media

November 2017

Audio Book Summary

What does a too-nosy secretary have in common with an alien? Nothing. Until she's turned into an alien, too. And then, well, there's everything.

Joyce's life is mapped out: dead end job, after dead end job, until she is dead. At least, that is until Kede Tria-a Doshan alien-shows up and takes her away from it all. Literally. He's overbearing, possessive, sexy as hell, and everything she never knew she wanted in a man, er, alien.

Of course, life happens and she discovers Death by Chocolate isn't just a dessert, it's a reality. Good thing Kede is there to save her . . . by making her Doshan.

Kede Tria is the Holder of House Tria, commander of the starship Vehly, and one of the most feared Doshan warriors. He's also Joyce's life mate-her harau. His curvy, deliciously lush mate just doesn't know it yet. She was human and now she is Doshan, but through it all she remains one thing: his.

Kede will fight for what belongs to him. So, while others are intent on ending her life, they do not realize he will gladly end theirs.

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  • Ashante Williams

    This was absolute fun. An earth (Terran) woman gets kidnapped and taken aboard a ship by an alien where he has made his claim and from then on, every situation becomes a literal… as the heroine would say “cluster f*ck”. It’s hilarious from start to finish. I absolutely love the excessive use of the word “f*ck” and how the heroine never pulls any punches with the Doshan males aboard the ship. The sarcasm, the jokes, the violence and the sex are all on par with what I love to read in romance books. Really liked this book.

    Book Rating

  • Danyel N.

    I love the narrator, she made it so much fun to listen to this book I couldn't stop Laughing.

    Book Rating

  • Simone Mathurin

    Its a rom-com and I like it.

    Book Rating

  • Tamra Whitener

    I just finished "Alien Commander's Chosen" by Celia Kyle as Erin Tate on audio. I believe it would be classified as Sci-Fi Romance. I loved it! Superb Worldbuilding, lovable characters... And some are not so lovable. Intense, easy listening, and one fierce female lead. Not to be forgotten hundreds to thousands of hot, hunky warriors, love, loyalty, and friendships. Warning, for those who might be offended: There is a plethora of cursing. Mainly by Joyce, and mainly F word combos. Which are not an invitation. As for sex, there is one graphic scene, which I believe fit the situation. But for those who prefer their stories with out the yummy sex scenes, just as skim it. I couldn't get enough. Unfortunately, there are no other books in this series, yet. But she does have plenty of other books to read. I believe she has some shifter books as well.

    Book Rating

  • Jinette A.

    Very good book and narrator was great.

    Book Rating

  • Mihaela D

    Excellent book,superb narration Cannot wait for the next book

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    best alien

    Book Rating

  • The Heidi

    Wow just wow

    Book Rating