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The Art of Seduction: An Indispensible Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power

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Jeff David

5 Hours 10 Minutes

HighBridge Company

July 2001

Audio Book Summary

Robert Greene's previous bestseller, The 48 Laws of Power, distilled 3,000 years of scheming into a guide People praised as "beguiling... literate... fascinating" and Kirkus denounced as "an anti-Book of Virtues."In Art of Seduction, Greene returns with a new instruction book on the most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power-because seduction isn't really about sex. It's about manipulating other people's greatest weakness: their desire for pleasure.Synthesizing the work of thinkers including Freud, Diderot, Nietzsche, and Einstein, reporting the enticing strategies of characters throughout history, The Art of Seduction is a comprehensive guide to getting what we want-any way we can.

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  • Diego Silva

    I usually don't read self-help but I was recommended this one because it's supposed to be indirectly about charisma and social interaction, so it should be interesting for introverts. But I couldn't get past the first half of the book. It's exactly what I expected from a self-help book, and I'll probably follow my instinct next time someone recommend me something like this again. My suggestion for you reading this is: if, like me, you were never big on self-help books, this one will not change your mind. Stay away. If you like self-help books then read other reviews, I don't think mine is of much use.

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  • Nikki Byam

    When I first began listening to this book, I thought the author’s voice was a bit extreme, but as I continued to listen on the voice (a sexual undertone) began to fit the title of the book... It was PERFECT! This book was GREAT because it gave PRECISE DETAILS on how to seduce or conquer others, but interestingly enough, it also presented a flip side by offering all VICTIMS and PREY a look at how they act when they are under the spell of the Seducer. I would recommend this book to people, especially those that are tired of being made of fool of... as they will see themselves in the eyes of those who have seduced them. This book will offer them the power to no longer be seduced, manipulated, or lead astray, unless of course they want to be.

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  • Blacksnapper

    This book labels and defines behaviors that we do with each other all of the time. Although some of it is very machiavellian, everyone will find some behaviour they can incorporate, improve upon or observe that will make their lives with their significant others better. A must read for all divas, loners who are looking, wall flowers, seducers and players.

    Book Rating

  • Richard Therrien

    Machiavelli meets pop psychology. Look into the abyss and the abyss looks into you. Bob looked into the abyss and fell. This book is a study in amorality. Before you start your read lets examine a few of the assumptions. 1) Your fellow human beings are only here to be manipulated. 2) There is no morality, only what works for you in the short term. 3) There is no you. You are only what you present to others. This book is only useful as a study of the dark side. RT

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  • Anonymous


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  • Charles W.

    Great listen.

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  • Anonymous

    I have heard many audio books and I thought this audio book was cheesy. The reader just tried too hard to be seductive. I like the content but reader really ruined this book for me.

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  • tmyn

    If you listen to this book as a study on seduction and the various techniques, it's actually rather interesting. The style is a little too predictable after a while though - perhaps because it was the abridged edition.

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  • Anonymous

    I loved this book. The reader was captivating and brilliant. I listened to most disks more than once and applied it to my life immediately.

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  • Sharon S

    It should have been called the Art of Manipulation. It had some interesting points and talked about famous people who have used different methods of seduction/manipulation but it wasn't interesting enough to listen past the first disk.

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