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Be Happier, Stress About Less, Have Way More Fun, and Live Fully: Start Now to Quickly Learn Everything You Need to Know in Only One Hour

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Zane Rozzi

0 Hours 53 Minutes

Findaway Voices

April 2020

Audio Book Summary

Chase your passion; that is a common theme of advice from most self-help authors. People are being taught they should not settle for any less than doing work they absolutely love. Consequently, most people hate their careers, are not happy with their lives, and are feeling unfulfilled.

It's well-known, everything worthwhile having in your life is brought into your life through overcoming the negative experience required to obtain it. The necessary negative experience can be any hardship invested in acquiring that positive thing as a part of your life—investing: Hard work, time, money, etc. The hardship determines the value of the outcome. Often, the harder something is to receive, the more valuable it is.

Our culture encourages us to be on a never-ending quest constantly seeking more. No matter what we accomplish, we are never successful enough. No matter how we look, we never look beautiful enough. No matter what we do in any aspect of our lives, we are never good enough. Because of this, we are never truly happy with who we are in the current moment. We are always looking forward to the future pondering how we could do more to live up to society's expectations of us—instead of enjoying the present. Our short lives are running out as we waste our lives struggling to impress others.

Do not fall into the false belief you can only feel gratitude for the big things in your life; that wastes all of the opportunities you have to live life with gratitude at every moment. Every moment can be filled with true happiness and a true appreciation for all of the positive things you are currently experiencing—no matter how big or small. Start living a happier and more fulfilling life right now.

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  • Jr H.

    Great book! Has potential but Speed him up and it sounds bearable. Zane likes to pause and have a tone increase after every sentence which deters you away at first. But stick through it because the book itself was written well by Zane, but not narrated.

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  • Anonymous

    I read almost every book at least twice

    Book Rating