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Churchill's Band of Brothers: WWII's Most Daring D-Day Mission and the Hunt to Take Down Hitler's Fugitive War Criminals

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Derek Perkins

11 Hours 54 Minutes

HighBridge Company

April 2021

Audio Book Summary

On the night of June 13th, 1944, a twelve-man SAS unit parachuted into occupied France. Their objective: hit German forces deep behind the lines, cutting the rail-tracks linking Central France to the northern coastline. In a country crawling with enemy troops, their mission was to prevent Hitler from rushing his Panzer divisions to the D-Day beaches and driving the Allied troops back into the sea. It was a Herculean task, but no risk was deemed too great to stop the Nazi assault. In daring to win it all, the SAS patrol was ultimately betrayed, captured, and tortured by the Gestapo before facing execution in a dark French woodland on Hitler's personal orders. Miraculously, two of the condemned men managed to escape, triggering one of the most secretive Nazi-hunting operations ever, as the SAS vowed to track down every one of the war criminals who had murdered their brothers in arms . . .

With Nazi Germany's lightning seizure of much of Western Europe, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had called for the formation of specially trained troops of the 'hunter class.' Churchill's warriors were to shatter all known rules of warfare, taking the fight to the enemy with no holds barred. In doing so, the Special Air Service would be tested as never before during the pivotal D-Day landings, and the quest for vengeance that followed.

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  • Anonymous

    Very intriguing. Though some information seems to drag on but is needed as the story develops.

    Book Rating

  • Bill B.

    A little starchy, but great information.

    Book Rating

  • Neha D.

    What a great book!! Quite captivating! If you are into any WWII history this is a great listen! Amazing to hear about SAS operations. Such bravery from them. Sometimes truth can be more amazing than fiction! Highly recommend!

    Book Rating

  • Philip H.

    Interesting historical account that I was never aware of, from the beginning of the invasion attack to its aftermath. These were true heroes who probably saved hundreds to thousands of live during the Normandy landing. Definitely for WW2 bluffs and historians. The best story of hope was how one British commando saved the last puffs of his precious last cigarette to share with the Americans when he was saved. The courage of French farmers and citizens helping the commandos was inspiring too.

    Book Rating

  • Michael Hayes

    I've read a lot of WWII books but this was the first that I've read specifically about SAS operations. Very dangerous game these courageous men and women were playing. It is a shame that more of the Nazi perpetrators weren't punished for their heinous acts.

    Book Rating

  • Frank Hilycord

    although content interesting, narrator makes it boring and uninspired

    Book Rating