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A Gita Experience with Tavamithram Sarvada - The Complete Srimad Bhagavad Gita narrated in Sanskrit and retold to you in English by Tavamithram Sarvada

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Tavamithram Sarvada

7 Hours 49 Minutes

Authors Republic

April 2021

Audio Book Summary

Responsible persons usually do not make people feel bad, hurt others, commit social crimes, do things that are against the norms of society or humanity in general. Being responsible means carrying the responsibility for all that one says and does, and not blaming others, the planets, or God for anything that goes wrong in their lives. People are directly responsible for the lives they lead. In a way, even the birth of a person was caused by them simply because it was their own past Karma that got them their birth.

Religions thrive, wars are fought, large numbers of people are tortured, enslaved, and killed - all in the name of a celestial being in the sky called God. It is strange that everyone is somehow born in the right 'religion' and that their god is always the true one while all others worship false gods.

Almost all organised religions ensure that the thinking faculty of people is under the control of the few that head them. Followers are asked to fear God, blindly follow commandments, and cough up a part of their monthly earnings to the managing body of their religious organisation.

The Sanatana Dharma, on the other hand, not only encourages people to ask questions but pushes them to do so and to be true to the path of seeking. As against one, two, three, or a few more holy books of major religions of the world, the Sanatana Dharma has an endless library of ancient writings that could take an entire lifetime or more to go through. However, studying the Teachings of Krishna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita which contains the core philosophy of Vedanta in a condensed form helps a seeker learn to live the life of a true KarmaYogi and Karmically evolve by staying on the path of righteousness through a blessed, blissful, rewarding and fulfilling life.

May you stay blessed with excellent health, freedom, peace, happiness, and prosperity.

Jai Shri Krishna

Tavamithram Sarvada

Harihi Aum

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  • Nagendra K.

    This audiobook is truly amazing and inspiring. I felt so happy and a feel of bliss after completing listening this. All 18 Chapters are superbly recorded with Sanskrit Slokas and simple English translation. I think this is the best english Gita Audiobook and you will surely feel the bliss of Bhagavad Gita. I invite everyone to try this for one time and you yourself will like the simplicity and yet its profound message. Recommended for every age group especially for youth in this age of confusion.

    Book Rating

  • Swathi R.

    Your highest service to Krishna is undoubtedly a divine experience for me and to all listeners. I think this narrative is a boon to all young seekers of truth. Received super clarity in concepts like mind, karma, soul, gunas, Brahman etc. The interconnection between the chapters helped to maintain the steady pace. The knowledge from Krishna helps a seeker to live a life of Karmayogi. Thank you Sir for this wonderful piece of creation.

    Book Rating

  • Kishor V.

    Superb Narrative in a medititative voice. One of the best creation again by Tavamithram. With serene voice and deep understanding of topic this Audio is treat for Divine listeners.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much, dear Sir for this amazing creation of yours. I have completed 6 chapters and could not wait to post my note until I complete the whole book. I feel I am altogether in a different mental plane of of understanding. I am grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to study the Gita. Your way of presenting it makes me absorb things so well. Your voice, the clarity and overall effect are so heavenly! Dhanyosmi

    Book Rating

  • Sundar S.

    If someone is looking for keeping their mind calm and composed or if someone has a disillusioned mind or in a low mood, this would be the audiobook that can provide an instant remedy, A Gita Experience by Tavamithram Sarvada. This is one book that can be kept as a treasure for the years to come. Please do not miss out on the introductory chapter as well as the concluding chapter, they give you a lot of insights. Tavamithram Sarvada has taken great efforts in giving the summary of each chapter after narrating them in detail, verse by verse. He has also briefed on Uddhava Gita as well as Avadhoota Gita, also called Dattatreya Gita. Overall, a wonderful experience!

    Book Rating

  • Kishor V.

    A Gita Experience is a Divine Learning opportunity for one who wants to learn and understand  Bhagwad Geeta . Tavamithram , a real friend ,reveals the intricacies of BG in a simple understandable way and embbeds with thoughtfulness which reflects his own  depth of knowledge and impactful voice . All chapters are recited very well followed by an Summary with examples making understanding easy  In BG 18.68 Krishna says  18:68 य इदं परमं गुह्यं मद्भक्तेष्वभिधास्यति | भक्तिं मयि परां कृत्वा मामेवैष्यत्यसंशयः || १८ ६८ || ya idam paramam guhyam madbhaktesh-vabhidhaa-syati bhaktim mayi paraam krutvaa maame-vaishya-tyasam-shayaha (SBG 18: 68) The one who teaches this Supreme Philosophy to My devotees, has the greatest form of love for Me and offers to Me the highest form of service. Such a person shall undoubtedly come to Me. Tavamithram does qualifies this criterion . 

    Book Rating