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Life Will Be the Death of Me: . . . and you too!

Unabridged Audio Book

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Chelsea Handler

5 Hours 25 Minutes

Random House (Audio)

April 2019

Audio Book Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The funny, sad, super-honest, all-true story of Chelsea Handler’s year of self-discovery—featuring a nerdily brilliant psychiatrist, a shaman, four Chow Chows, some well-placed security cameras, various family members (living and departed), friends, assistants, and a lot of edibles

A SKIMM READS PICK • “This will be one of your favorite books of all time.”—Amy Schumer

In a haze of vape smoke on a rare windy night in L.A. in the fall of 2016, Chelsea Handler daydreams about what life will be like with a woman in the White House. And then Donald Trump happens. In a torpor of despair, she decides that she’s had enough of the privileged bubble she’s lived in—a bubble within a bubble—and that it’s time to make some changes, both in her personal life and in the world at large.

At home, she embarks on a year of self-sufficiency—learning how to work the remote, how to pick up dog shit, where to find the toaster. She meets her match in an earnest, brainy psychiatrist and enters into therapy, prepared to do the heavy lifting required to look within and make sense of a childhood marked by love and loss and to figure out why people are afraid of her. She becomes politically active—finding her voice as an advocate for change, having difficult conversations, and energizing her base. In the process, she develops a healthy fixation on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and, through unflinching self-reflection and psychological excavation, unearths some glittering truths that light up the road ahead. 

Thrillingly honest, insightful, and deeply, darkly funny, Chelsea Handler’s memoir keeps readers laughing, even as it inspires us to look within and ask ourselves what really matters in our own lives.

Praise for Life Will Be the Death of Me

“You thought you knew Chelsea Handler—and she thought she knew herself—but in her new book, she discovers that true progress lies in the direction we haven’t been.”—Gloria Steinem 

“I always wondered what it would be like to watch Chelsea Handler in session with her therapist. Now I know.”—Ellen DeGeneres

“I love this book not just because it made me laugh or because I learned that I feel the same way about certain people in politics as Chelsea does. I love this book because I feel like I finally really got to know Chelsea Handler after all these years. Thank you for sharing, Chelsea!”—Tiffany Haddish

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  • Kellie P.

    This is the book that I needed to hear at this time. I needed to examine my own lack of empathy. I am a lot like Chelsea. I just fix the problem or person and don’t take into account much about how the other person feels. Empathy does not come naturally.

    Book Rating

  • Leah D.

    I’m listening for the second time! I have a daily battle within to try to be more vulnerable, in hopes it will unlock a better version of myself. Thank you Chelsea Handler for reminding me to let my guard down, find the root and be grateful for the journey.

    Book Rating

  • Michael D.

    My favorite Chelsea Handler book yet. Chelsea Handler was extremely raw and vulnerable in this memoir filled with stories of adult and childhood and growing up to realize your privilege and when you’ve been tainted by politics and society. This was a funny insightful look into the last few years of Chelsea handler‘s life. I very much enjoyed reading this book and if you’re a fan of Chelsea Handler you will as well.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    More politics then laughs

    Book Rating

  • Shannon C.

    I enjoyed this book. Chelsea read this so genuinely. I felt her sadness and humor. I enjoyed her sharing her experiences of her life.

    Book Rating

  • Eboni B.

    I truly enjoyed the book. Her humor cushioned some of the more sensitive topics. The way she describes her home life in a comedic way made the story a little more lighthearted. We all may have experienced things of the same nature but could never narrate it the way she does. Her self reflection I felt was important and the fact that she finally found a therapist that helped her to identify her shortcomings was necessary for the more serious side of the storyline. I liked that she used her voice to show how seeking good professional help can sometimes be more beneficial than not.

    Book Rating

  • Constance N.

    Funny and sad. her voice crackling during the desperation of the loss of her brother is something only someone who lost someone close can understand. heartbreaking yet hysterical in a classy way

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    AMAZING. Her transformation is beautiful. it's refreshing to hear a story of honesty, growth and mindfulness of letting anger go and giving gratitude the energy. Empathy is powerful in it's peace and that's exactly how the book left me feeling. peaceful

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Great listen, C. Handler's voice and reading was on point and her biography was very educational as well as entertaining. Thank you for your book.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    This book explains so much about Chelsea. It was heart breaking to read about the loss of her brother. He would be so proud of you Chelsea. Enjoy.

    Book Rating