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The Mists of Avalon: Mistress of Magic

Unabridged Audio Book

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Davina Porter

13 Hours 59 Minutes

Recorded Books

March 2009

Audio Book Summary

In the tradition of T.H. White's The Once and Future King, the author makes use of the prerequisites of the Arthurian legend: Excalibur, the Holy Grail, Lancelet's illicit love for Gwenhwyfar, the destruction of Camelot, but with a twist--she presents the entire panoramic story from the female point of view. No passive by-standers, these earthy priestesses from Avalon literally breathe life into a musty, oft-told tale. In Book One: Mistress of Magic, the Lady of the Lake--Viviane--brings about the marriage of her younger sister Igraine to Uther Pendragon. Their only child, Arthur, is believed to be the last hope in the long standing war between Saxons and Romans. Meanwhile, Morgaine, Igraine's daughter by her first marriage to Gorlois, has come under the apprenticeship of Viviane at Avalon. In spite of her great love and hope for Morgaine, Viviane is driven by an unrelenting vision. Miserable, but duty-bound, she tricks Morgaine and Arthur into becoming lovers during the night of the ritual fires. Enraged and shamed by what her aunt has done, Morgaine plans to rid herself of the child that has resulted from their union. Book one ends with Arthur's coronation and Morgaine's decision to leave Avalon.

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for you to have part 2 available.

    Book Rating

  • Sarah K.

    Excellent narration by davina porter, a long winded version of Arthur and Camelot focusing on the women of the stories and not the “heroic” male counterparts of the story, worth a listen:

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    A unique take on the Authurian legend. A book worth listening to more than once. Camelot from a feminine POV.

    Book Rating

  • Susan R.

    The story was really fun, suspenseful and just couldn’t put the book down. I love Davina Porter as the narrative.

    Book Rating

  • Edward S.

    This book is well thought out and the story so well told.

    Book Rating

  • Rachel O

    I really enjoyed it and have downloaded next one in the series. Great narration.

    Book Rating

  • Alexandrine Ceballos

    I finished this book in 3 days because I was so mesmerized! If you\'re a fan of folklore and ancient traditions this book should be right up your alley. The subtext of wisdom is incredible and makes me question the way we live our lives in this day and age. There truly are valuable lessons to learn from the past. The narrator was wonderful. Overall super happy I\'ve already started the second book

    Book Rating

  • Kristin Carpenter

    Great read! I love the back story told from a woman's perspective.

    Book Rating

  • Bryan Stanton

    Great book. Decent narration. Sometimes the audio was doubled.

    Book Rating

  • Gina Marcelin

    Could not finish this book. I feel like I must be missing something because it is so popular. Whatever it is, I don't see it.

    Book Rating