Book Rating (87)
Narrator Rating (51)

Moving In Part One

Unabridged Audio Book

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2 Hours 57 Minutes

Authors Republic

March 2017


Audio Book Summary

Part one of a collection of audio erotica based on the theme: 'Moving In'. Follow the story and immerse yourself in the sounds and different scenarios. The audios contain ASMR sensual triggers and other 3D sound effects.

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  • Emma D

    Mr Gael Force is a force indeed. I have never heard a guy work this hard for a buck ! There were 2 things that got up my nose though... He keeps addressing the audience as 'slutty girl' , why did he not then address himself as 'sleazy boy' - unfair, archaic and insulting language here. Secondly, it is quite obvious from the recordings that he is 'handling himself' and not a live female body - if he is so intent on realism why does he not just make love to his wife or partner on the microphone - 'We can tell what you are doing , Gael, doesn't your Willy get sore after all that punishment?

    Book Rating

  • Allie F

    Pretty good, though some of the stories are basically the same. Some tracks are better than others, but the better ones are very, very worthwhile. The narrator's voice is intoxicating. Overall I found this collection to be very enjoyable and arousing.

    Book Rating

  • Merary V

    His voice is intoxicating in the best way possible.

    Book Rating

  • Noura A

    Good job, thanks!

    Book Rating

  • Evelyn O

    Very sexy stuff. Great Voice artist. He is very passionate about his art.

    Book Rating

  • Michael T

    Great stuff. Love good steamy fun with a guy any time.

    Book Rating

  • Ursula S

    Loved this collection of erotica, I absolutely Love Gaels voice and the palpable passion that it exudes. I'm new to the asmr world of erotic audio, but Gael is the best I've heard so far! I'm hooked! Love his Sexy voice.

    Book Rating

  • Carmen I

    This book is really good, but I don't want to give it the highest rating, because if I would I wouldn't give the author any space to improve and I know that you can always improve and get better.

    Book Rating


    Can't say you will be let down by Gael anytime! Great collection that was put together of stories. Can't wait for the next part!

    Book Rating

  • Kris G

    Gael Force knows exactly what he's doing! How he able to immerse you so deeply into these scenes is astounding. And with that lovely, masculine voice of his...! Ladies, treat yourself to these 3 1/2 hours; I highly recommend it!

    Book Rating