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My Confession

Unabridged Audio Book

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2 Hours 41 Minutes


December 2016

Audio Book Summary

"My Confession" is a brief autobiographical story of Leo Tolstoy's struggle with a mid-life existential crisis of melancholia. It describes his search for answers to the profound questions "What will come of my life?" and "What is the meaning of life?", without answers to which life, for him, had become "impossible." Tolstoy reflects on the arc of his philosophical life until then: his childhood abandonment of his Russian orthodox faith; his mastery of strength, will, power, and reason; and how, after he had achieved tremendous financial success and social status, life to him seemed meaningless. After despairing of his attempts to find answers in science, philosophy, eastern wisdom, and his fellow men of letters, he describes his turn to the wisdom of the common people and his attempts to reconcile their instinctive faith with the dictates of his reason. The main body of the text ends with the author reaching a compromise: faith, he realizes, is a necessity, but it must be constrained by reason. However, an epilogue that describes a dream he had some time after completing the body of the text suggests that he has undergone a radical personal and spiritual transformation. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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  • Ian M

    I've read a lot of philosophy books. This book is refreshingly honest, disciplined, and heart-felt. Leo Tolstoy is extremely intelligent and rigorous in his thinking. However, he doesn't attempt to disconnect his musings from the human experience. He is forthright, detailed, and clear minded in his reflections on his own state of mind and how he comes to particular conclusions and particular times. The book is brief, insightful, profound, and easy to listen to (as philosophy books go). Just using a cost/benefit analysis, I would easily recommend it to any person. Looking for2 hours and 41 minutes of dipping into the inner-most journey of a rare genius? You've found it.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    the confession in other was wasn't easy.

    Book Rating

  • Angela A.

    Great read. Great narration.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I’m a big fan of the authors works, so it was interesting to read about the man behind the books. I won’t forget. It taught me also about the culture in which he lived and the history of the times. Great listen.

    Book Rating

  • Munir S.

    It takes a lot to admit to oneself the deep flaws and uncertainties of one’s understanding. The author takes us through a journey and the destination seems to be the starting point, except now we admit that in life nothing is set on stone.

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  • Heidi Bundschuh

    It's interesting how books just "appear". I'm not so sure I could have appreciated the contents of Tolstoy's " My Confession " decades earlier. Reading this in ones fifties makes sense, just as it seemed to me, to issue forth urgently from Tolstoy at 51. As some have said, and no doubt will continue to, this is not a fun, nor light book, but it questions and speaks to many important life, death, and religion-based questions, concerns and quandaries. His is a deep, thoughtful, wise and, yet, accessible work. I will listen again...down the's the kind of book to revisit.

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  • R. Salvtore

    Good read!

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  • Yenny C.

    I love this book very differently to what I’m used to but I really enjoyed it and recommend it

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  • Omar H.

    Great book that shows how the path of nihilism is destructive for the human soul.

    Book Rating