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A New Earth: Awakening Your Life's Purpose

Unabridged Audio Book

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Eckhart Tolle

9 Hours 12 Minutes

Penguin Audio

October 2005

Audio Book Summary

“[Oprah] Winfrey calls the book ‘a wake-up call for the entire planet, one reader at a time.’”—USA Today
With his bestselling spiritual guide The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle inspired millions of readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived “in the now.” In A New Earth, Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy, and unhappiness, and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence.
Illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting, A New Earth is a profoundly spiritual manifesto for a better way of life—and for building a better world.

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  • Andrew B

    Life changing book for those who are ready. I highly recommend both this audiobook as well as the written text. Take your time going through this book, if you can. If you rush through it you may miss the message. Take some breaks to experience and observe the things he mentions in the book instead of flying through the sections and chapters. Just my advice ;). As I was writing this review I accidentally pressed back and deleted everything I had written thus far. I was frustrated and the voice in my head immediately began complaining. Then I laughed.

    Book Rating

  • Kathleen O

    An absolute must-read for everyone, especially if you are going through challenging times. The only other book that has had such an incredible impact on my life is "The Power of Now". I return to both books often!

    Book Rating

  • Kelly S.

    I found it very difficult to get into the rhythm when reading the print book. But the audio book was perfection! I have listened to it many times now, usually when I am on my daily dog walks. It is a life changer. It is one I will continue to listen to all the days of my life.

    Book Rating

  • Vit Kav

    This is a great tool for the next step of consciousness. Good instruction on how to recognize who you are and how to control your mind.

    Book Rating

  • Curtis Ingram

    Wow! This is the most profound, truthful and comprehensive book in human history. I say this without any exaggeration and in complete honesty.

    Book Rating

  • jonathan doe

    One of the most impactful , life changing books I have ever read! It's a must read in your spiritual library ! For the people who are not quite sure about the whole spiritual thing , If anything it will just help you understand life better than you ever have . I'm excited for anyone who reads his work . ~Namaste~

    Book Rating

  • Anika M.

    Easily the most life-changing book I have ever read. I recommend this to anyone who has any interest in being more present, and living with more joy and lightheartedness.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this book and it’s perfect synchronicities with my life !! I am grateful thank you

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  • Michelle L.

    I recommend this book to anyone who identifies themselves as Truth Seekers! I FINALLY understand what and how the Ego actually IS! I learned and integrated such invaluable, life changing, infinite self growth material I will never ever be the same again! I feel eternally thankful and blessed for such wise spiritual teachings!

    Book Rating

  • Kim F.

    I loved this book! The author was such a great narrator with his calm voice. The lessons are an attempt at teaching the person the “illusion of Ego”. All suffering is due to the Ego’s need to be superior and it’s need for identity. It has a lot of recurring content about disconnecting from wishful thought, judgement, and letting go of competition. The connectedness with being is against the Ego’s hidden agenda. All structures are unstable. The unconscious drive behind ego is to strengthen the image of who I think I am. Whatever behavior the ego the manifests, the hidden motivating source it the same, the need to stand out, be special, be in control, the need for more, the need to feel a sense of separation. The gap between I want and what is becomes a constant source of upset and aguish. The famous pop song, I can’t get no satisfaction, is the song of the ego. The underlying emotion that governs all the emotion of the ego is Fear, the fear of being nobody, the fear of nonexistence. Illusion will never satisfy you. All structures are unstable, impermanent. Once you realize that, you will find peace. The emerging awareness of your deeper self, the I am. I would recommend this book.

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