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The Ninth

Unabridged Audio Book

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David Gilmore

0 Hours 44 Minutes

Findaway Voices

December 2020

Audio Book Summary

U.S. Navy SEAL team’s Omega unit sat making last minute checks on their weapons and equipment. Their mission: to hold the uppermost level of an ancient stronghold that had shown little military significance – until now.

Each man knew what was required of him; they had gone over the drills more than thirty times. The 8-man team had been together for years, and the were a tightknit, perfectly functioning unit.

Then, there was the ninth man, the only one who didn’t belong. 

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  • Eric C.

    Not bad for a short story… I actually want to know what happens next!

    Book Rating

  • Sharon P.

    I was riveted and my eyes widened with each new dilemma to solve. I eagerly await reading the next book to find out the continuing challenges ahead for him. The narrator had me feeling the frustration and elation and confusion as if I were the one preforming the mission. Good author narrator pairing.

    Book Rating

  • Susan H.

    Interesting. I do like the way a clever author can tell a story in a very short time. Abs thanks to Audio Books is was free.

    Book Rating

  • Rossy M.

    Good story, kept me involved. Good narrator.. I just wanted more of it! It was way too short for such a good story :(

    Book Rating

  • Linda A.

    I apologize for this negative review....However, the story line began as a positive read/listen; but left us listeners at a question to the ending or was it the beginning ?!?

    Book Rating

  • Chuck T.

    Basically an Indiana Jones episode.

    Book Rating

  • Hans H.

    This is a great story. I like the pace in which it moved and the narration was really well done. You actually believe that the narrator was old and experienced enough to have done these things. My only actual negative critique is that the story was too short. I couldn’t find another link or another title from this series. That might be my fault but sometimes the Audiobooks library a little hard to navigate. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re interested in the type of adventures that were the subjects of movies during the 1980’s, about an archeologist who did much the same things (I hope you know who I’m talking about). Although it’s reminiscent of those adventures, I really like that it has more modern day twist to it.

    Book Rating

  • Suzanne M.

    EXCELLENT but ended much too early! Captivating. Felt like i was right w the hero. Soooo upset when it ended

    Book Rating

  • Oscar I.

    A chapter of an excellent book - but like a sample it had no conclusion or resolution

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Moderately entertaining though the story description is misleading. Ending was abrupt and jarring.

    Book Rating