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No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels

Unabridged Audio Book

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Mel Foster

12 Hours 0 Minutes

Tantor Media

April 2009

Audio Book Summary

Getting shot in the chest as a rookie ATF agent, bartering for machine guns, throttling down the highway at 100 miles per hour, and responding to a full-scale, bloody riot between the Hells Angels and their rivals, the Mongols-these are just a few of the high-adrenaline experiences Jay Dobyns recounts in this action-packed, hard to imagine, but true story of how he infiltrated the legendary Hells Angels.

Dobyns leaves no stone of his harrowing journey unturned. At runs and clubhouses, between rides and riots, Dobyns befriends bad-ass bikers, meth-fueled 'old ladies,' gun fetishists, psycho-killer ex-cons, and even some of the 'Filthy Few'-the elite of the Hells Angels who've committed extreme violence on behalf of their club. Eventually, at parties staged behind heavily armed security, he meets legendary club members such as Chuck Zito, Johnny Angel, and the godfather of all bikers, Ralph 'Sonny' Barger. To blend in with them, he gets full-arm ink; to win their respect, he vows to prove himself a stone-cold killer.

Hardest of all is leading a double life, which has him torn between his devotion to his wife and children and his pledge to become the first federal agent ever to be 'fully patched' into the Angels' near-impregnable ranks. His act is so convincing that he comes within a hairsbreadth of losing himself. Eventually, he realizes that just as he's been infiltrating the Hells Angels, they've been infiltrating him. And just as they're not all bad, he's not all good.

Reminiscent of Donnie Brasco's uncovering of the true Mafia, this is an eye-opening portrait of the world of bikers-the most in-depth since Hunter Thompson's seminal work-one that fully describes the seductive lure criminal camaraderie has for men who would otherwise be powerless outsiders. Here is all the nihilism, hate, and intimidation, but also the freedom-and, yes, brotherhood-of the only truly American form of organized crime.

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  • Jason L.

    I listened to sonny bargers book, George Christie’s book, hunter s Thompson’s book and this one. All were good and I got a wide view on the Hell’ angels. I will probably go back and listen again to get more details I probably missed first time around. All had great narrators.

    Book Rating

  • Brad Julio

    Excellent listening!! This book shines a whole new light on the 81's and increases my respect of an under cover agent.

    Book Rating

  • Michael E.

    Decent story progression, a little amateurish but not to such a degree to distract from the story. It is an interesting history if you enjoy the topic or ever enjoyed SOA.

    Book Rating

  • Gitane S.

    a story that had a lot of potential and was interesting in parts the downside is the giant ego of the author, which was well-reflected by the obnoxious narrator it made listening pretty tedious

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I want my credit back, this book was a snore.

    Book Rating

  • Kcofieldrrt

    Great book

    Book Rating

  • Ed Griffin

    Great Listen !!!

    Book Rating

  • David C.

    The author who was the under coverage agent was very transparent about the things he did and where he went wrong. I liked that the agent explained in your order to take down evil he had to become evil. I like how the agent described his struggle between good and evil. His take on the many contradictions of the Hells’ Angels who have a very structured organization laden with rules but yet is supposed to be a free wheeling group of outlaws. The book explains the complexity of the organization and the circumstances they are involved.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes so grubby I had to put it down for a while, but for some reason I always had to pick it up again. Left me thinking BATF agents might not be much better than the Hell's Angels.

    Book Rating