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3 Hours 1 Minutes

Findaway Voices

November 2020

Audio Book Summary

This book is for any new or seasoned poker player who has failed or forgotten to bring simple poker maths into their poker gameand No-Limit Hold'em (NLHE). The book will teach you the basic poker mathematics you need to learn to strengthen and outplay your opponents, and will focus on basic poker mathematics-those you'll use at the poker table day in and day out; and perhaps those that your opponents ignore.

Most players in No Limit Holdem frequently lack poker mathematics–which is easy to understand and execute–leading them to make mathematically incorrect moves. While this may seem somewhat trivial, in the long run, such incorrect movements may cause both good and bad poker players to win substantially less and lose much more money than they would if they actually understood and applied simple poker mathematics.

Trust me, to understand and apply important maths in your poker game you don't need a graduate degree in mathematics or statistics. Everything you need is a basic understanding of arithmetic and algebra.

I'm excited to have you here to take you on a trip. You'll have a much deeper understanding of poker mathematics by the end of this book, and as a result you'll be a much better poker player.

Over the years, the poker game has evolved from a street-smart game, reads and says, to a game deeply rooted in game theory and mathematics. This is apparent on television as well as in popular poker books and training material.

Most poker books, however, still pay lip service to the game's more human elements. Poker is a game that people are playing, not machines. People have impulses, drives and feelings which can cause them to behave in unpredictable and illogical ways.

Whether you're a male or a female, a novice or an experienced player, young or old, we hope the Poker Mindset will help you make your play easier. Read on to find a whole new way to look at the game.

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  • Nathaniel H.

    The narrator has no idea what commas and periods mean when it comes to meaningful pauses. The book has good content, but it's very frustrating to listen to.

    Book Rating

  • Jared C.

    Worst book I’ve ever purchased on here. Approximately a 3 hour listen. 2 hours and 20 minutes in and has mentioned poker twice. Only mentioned as a reference to illustrate other topics. Wildly confused why this book is made out to be a poker book. It was the most misleading description ever!

    Book Rating

  • Roseline R.

    The book is intended for micro-stakes poker, but I have found that the strategy and mathematics suggested in the book can be successfully implemented in higher stakes poker, as well.

    Book Rating

  • Raymond J.

    The material in your new book helped me quickly identify and plug the leaks in my game, and I’m making money again!!! And you don’t have to have a degree in mathematics to understand these concepts. Alton is a master at explaining complex topics in a clear, easy to understand manner. If you’re new to poker, or if you just want to take your game to the next level, do yourself a favor and buy this book.

    Book Rating

  • Jorge H.

    This book will appeal to poker players at all stages of the game - great for beginners trying to learn poker, intermediate players fine tuning their approach, and advanced players a reference.

    Book Rating

  • Alexander B.

    I deeply appreciate the obvious time and effort that went into the writing of this superb book. It may very well become your new Poker Bible, especially for the micro stakes.

    Book Rating

  • Saimon M.

    This is the best book on micro stakes I've read thus far. I confess that I'm an "old school" poker player

    Book Rating

  • Andrew S.

    There is a lot covered in Master Micro Stakes Poker, like variance, bankroll management, pre-flop strategy, and so on. Also, the bonuses at the end are valuable and keep player development going. This is a must-read for poker players and enthusiasts, and I’ll be referencing this often to improve my game and win more hands.

    Book Rating

  • Olivia R.

    This book is the roadmap from start to finish on how to see success at the Micro Stakes. THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE for anyone looking to take the Micro Stakes seriously! Thanks for the great addition to my arsenal, Alton!

    Book Rating

  • Parsha R.

    THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE for any serious micro-grinder. Alton is a great writer and coach. He has some amazing courses online, as well as some great books! After reading Essential Poker Math, I enrolled in a few of his courses online. When this book came out from him, I knew it was a must have for me! If I could only buy one Poker Resource for the Micro Stakes, this would be the one! Alton covers EVERYTHING you need to go from a losing poker to a Winning one! He starts by telling you why people lose at poker, then starts building your tool box of essentials (position, aggression, bankroll management, etc.).

    Book Rating