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The President is Missing: The political thriller of the decade

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Audio Book Summary

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‘The dream team delivers big time … Clinton’s insider secrets and Patterson’s storytelling genius make this the political thriller of the decade.’ – Lee Child

The President is missing.

As an unprecedented cyberterrorist attack cripples the United States, the President must face an unthinkable truth:

There is a traitor in his Cabinet. His life is in danger.

And the only way to stay ahead of the shadowy forces tearing at the heart of America is to go off the grid, leaving behind his presidential protection. The President must go missing – and he may never resurface…

Set over the course of three days that shake a nation to its core, The President is Missing sheds a stunning light upon the inner workings and vulnerabilities of the American government. Filled with information that only a former President could know, this is the most authentic, terrifying thriller in years.

'The President Is Missing is a big, splashy juggernaut of a novel, combining thrills with a truly authentic look at the inner happenings in Washington. I read it in one gulp. You will too.' – Harlan Coben

‘Yes, The President is Missing is fiction – it’s a thriller – but James Patterson and I have come up with three of the most frightening days in the history of the presidency. And it could really happen... These days, the seemingly impossible can happen. And it happens so fast. I believe that readers will not soon forget President Jonathan Duncan and his story.’ – Bill Clinton

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  • Cathrine A.

    This was a good read! one of those books that transports you to the scene. I was the president, the villan, the assassin, the vice president, the chief of staff. Well written, well narrated. I highly recommend it.

    Book Rating

  • Sarah H.

    What a treat it was listening to Dennis Quaid on my commute to and from work! It made for an exciting ride and definitely an audio book I will be recommending to friends! Thrilling to the end

    Book Rating

  • Maree G.

    Great, easy to read and not overly analytical so you could relax when reading it. Little typical American cliche, but you expect it given the writers and the plot.

    Book Rating

  • Andrew B.

    An interesting plot, but some of the Clinton-esque preaching was extremely irritating.

    Book Rating

  • Kim S.

    Wow Wow Wow! This book is incredibly good.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Would be great stuff if one could listen when it suited and not when you decide its the right time to do so!,,,,!

    Book Rating

  • Michelle P.

    As an Australian I found some of the ‘American super power / president saves the world’ stuff over the top. The drama of the storyline overall was good and certainly kept me engaged during a long drive. Dennis Quaid read well as the president but his portrayal of women’s voices was a stretch. The female reader for the Bach sections was brilliant.

    Book Rating