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QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life

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John G. Miller

1 Hours 42 Minutes

Penguin Audio

June 2015

Audio Book Summary

The lack of personal accountability is a problem that has resulted in an epidemic of blame, victim- thinking, complaining, and procrastination. No organization—or individual—can successfully compete in the marketplace, achieve goals and objectives, provide outstanding service, engage in exceptional teamwork, or develop people without personal accountability.   

John G. Miller believes the troubles that plague organizations cannot be solved by pointing fingers and blaming others. Rather, the real solutions are found when each of us recognizes the power of personal accountability. In QBQ! The Question Behind the Question®, Miller explains how negative, ill-focused questions like “Why do we have to go through all this change?” and “Who dropped the ball?” represent a lack of personal accountability. Conversely, when we ask better questions—QBQs—such as “What can I do to contribute?” or “How can I help solve the problem?” our lives and our organizations are transformed.


This remarkable and timely book provides a practical method for putting personal accountability into daily actions, with astonishing results: problems are solved, internal barriers come down, service improves, teams thrive, and people adapt to change more quickly. QBQ! is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to learn, grow, and change. Using this tool, each of us can add tremendous worth to our organizations and to our lives by eliminating blame, victim-thinking, and procrastination.
QBQ! has helped countless readers practice personal accountability at work and at home. This version features a new foreword, revisions and new material throughout, and a section of FAQs that the author has received over the years.



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  • Derek Gray

    Derek Gray I had the privilege to read this book and it is great bring to realization the many key points in life and how we can make are personal misery dissipate b taking responsibility or accountability for what we do or can do

    Book Rating

  • thyme2009

    I found this to be a worthwhile book. It motivated me to take greater personal responsibility but to also know when I'm not responsible.

    Book Rating

  • William G.

    great book

    Book Rating

  • sally payano

    Thanks to my teacher ms. Grande that recommend ne this great book I will be a better human being. I LOVE IT:)

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Great book for both personal and professional reasons. Personally, I have problems getting more details and asking further questions. This book helped me dig a little deeper and opened my eyes to the possibilities.

    Book Rating

  • Diane

    I really enjoyed this short like book on personal accountability. . . I found that at times, I was the good examples being used . . . but on bad days, I wanted someone else to pitch in and do a little more. . . All in all I think it is just a reminder that we can usually find a positive spin on our situation if we look at it just right.

    Book Rating

  • Richard Zdanis

    I wish this book would have spent more time on examples and on detail. It was too short to make a real impact on me. Don't misunderstand.....short and to the point is good, but not when it hurts the real content being discussed. Too short and not enough detail.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    This book is a light business listen at best. The author's focus is largely common sense. While everyone needs a reminder to take more personal accountability, I would not have wasted the week it took to receive this book and wait for my next selection for two hours of pleasant prompting to stop saying, "why don't others do X?" and start saying "what can I do differently?"

    Book Rating

  • James Callopy

    Great information, it has the feel of an essay instead of a book. This will go by quickly, some "chapters" are only a few minutes long.

    Book Rating