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Star Trek: Lost Frontier

Unabridged Audio Book

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Various Readers

7 Hours 16 Minutes

Darker Projects

January 2011

Audio Book Summary

It's the dawn of the 25th century ...
and everything has changed.

Star Trek: Lost Frontier is a look at a dark time in the future of Star Trek. It is the dawn of the 25th century and the galaxy is coming-out of a period of great war. The story of Lost Frontier focuses on the crew of the new Enterprise F as they go forth to unite the lost worlds of the Federation.

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  • john c

    So story very good love the star trek anything however the source of narration was extremely redundant on a 1 min long intro every chapter and then there were commercials for doctor who throws in there some where

    Book Rating

  • Yolanda Hassing

    Totally awesome story and well made audio. I highly recommend it!

    Book Rating

  • Dale H.

    This my first Star Trek audio book, and I really enjoyed the story. The narrators were easy to listen to. I’d recommend this book to others

    Book Rating

  • simon r

    Wicked audio book that has left me wanting more of the guys and gals at darker projects, they are truly gifted with the sound effects you really feel like you watching an episode on tv.

    Book Rating

  • Robert R.

    Liked the story, entertaining and engaging, stop the introduction at the end of every chapter, breaks the flow and is annoying

    Book Rating

  • Walter F

    Loved that the narration was acted out with sound effects instead of just reading! At chapters end though, it repeated the intro everytime like an episode of Star Trek. “Space the finale frontier… blah blah blah.” This wears on you, but if you can deal with it the story is great!

    Book Rating

  • david k

    The cast of characters made this an outstanding listen.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    With a premise I thought sounded interesting I was looking forward to this one but awful is an understatement. First, it’s clear no one involved in this knows spit about Star Trek or even basic science. For example when setting a course there are two numbers, ie 151 mark 330. The first is the degrees in a horizontal circle the latter a vertical circle so between the two you set a course at any point in a sphere. That means since there are only 360 degrees in a circle each number must be between 0 and 359 so why are they setting courses like”745 mark 442”? Dumb. Then there’s the outright plagiarism. I can’t believe Paramount isn’t suing these folks. In one scene they flee a borg ship and do the same hiding in a nebula thing from STTNG including the exact verbatim dialogue and even course headings. I laughed out loud at the sheer preposterousness of it. Then there’s the millions of mispronunciations, my favorite bring that the Jem Hadar are addicted to “carousel white” not Ketrucel White. But most of all this could have been better written in every way by me when I was in 5th grade; not just the grammar and dialogue but the ridiculous gratuitous nonsense of the “story”. All it is is some stupid vehicle to go on a nostalgia tour of Star Trek. I mean come on, the chapters have been fighting Borg, a billion references to Janeway, Picard and Riker, a chapter where the first officer is busted by a Q that she’s married to (and this serves no story purpose at all. But then there is no story. Then we go to DS9 where no two people say Bajor the same way, we bring back Siskin though not sounding anything like Sisko, oh yeah I forgot the meetup with the gay sounding Klingons, or the helmsman who is a descendant of Kirk even though Kirk has no descendants since his only son was killed, then we go through the wormhole and pick up Odo and deal with those ‘Carousel White” addicted Jem Hadar...blah blah blah. Did anyone write one original thing? This is nothing but a touching retrospective of old Trek. Seriously it’s bloody awful. I really thought this premise had a lot of potential but now I just want to shoot museum out the nearest airlock. I’d rather be assimilated. Oh wait, they did create a Betazed Assasins Guild. Sigh.

    Book Rating

  • Ewan M.

    Great, really enjoyed it.

    Book Rating

  • Greg E.

    Jr. High School level writing. Juvenile dialogue and not much imagination involved. The voice actors were for the most part very good

    Book Rating