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The Story of My Life

Unabridged Audio Book

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3 Hours 51 Minutes


January 2016

Audio Book Summary

The Story of My Life is a personal account of Helen Keller's life, from her early days to those as an adult. It includes how she came to meet her teacher Ann Sullivan, and learnt to communicate using the manual alphabet. It then goes on to chronicle her days as a college student. (Summary by Maria)

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  • Anonymous

    surely this is one of the most remarkable and intelligent and deeply sensitive humans to have ever lived, it has been a privilege to hear of her triumph over what must have been impossible odds and then to reflect on her silence and darkness so eloquently without any bitterness for what life.she was given. I am humbled to know her life story so beautifully read.

    Book Rating

  • Marty A.

    The book is interesting, however, I didn’t enjoy the reader stating her name and the date at the end of every chapter!

    Book Rating

  • Heidi B

    Interesting story.

    Book Rating

  • Gwen C.

    I hate the way you say the audiobook thing every single chapter. I can’t listen to any of the free books bc of this

    Book Rating

  • Leonardlsand

    I loved the story. Well read too.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I found the reader who sounded Australian to me (i am English) off putting. The content seemed childish somehow. I was expecting better quality writing about such an amazing woman. Glad to have listened though.

    Book Rating

  • Skye R

    Agree with other reviewers: the English accent threw me a little (I had to rewind a few times to re-listen to sentences, but I'm weirdly bad at understanding accents), and the book gets tedious towards the end when she goes into too much detail about her college books. I, too, wish the book covered her later life and activism. Still, interesting overall, especially the beginning when she relays what she remembers about her childhood and learning to communicate.

    Book Rating

  • Jill C

    Interesting story but it's read by an Englishwoman so it's strange and seems a little pretentious to hear about such an American woman this way. The story is good but the quality of the reading plus the constant reminding of who's reading it and where at the end of every chapter is irritating. My mom and I listened to it on a 5 hour road trip and we started to tune out after the 4th hour

    Book Rating

  • Linda Marrs

    I enjoyed learning about her early life and the process of learning to read and speak. And was impressed with her intelligence. However, about midway through the book, it seemed to bog down and become a bit tedious when discussing her higher education and travels. I believe the book covered the first 21 years of her life. I'd like to know more about her later life. The reader did a great job.

    Book Rating

  • Denise Beegle

    Having watched "The Miracle Worker," I thought it would be interesting to learn about Helen Keller's later life, and it was! What an incredibly bright woman. It was amazing to hear how a blind and deaf person, especially a woman living during her time, could accomplish so much, a college graduate with the ability to communicate in several languages. My only complaint is that the book must have been written fairly early in her life and didn't give many details about what she went on to do after college. I enjoyed the narration very much as well.

    Book Rating