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The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It

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Tim Andres Pabon

6 Hours 28 Minutes

Gildan Media

August 2013

Audio Book Summary

What if we could learn to accept I don't know and embrace the possibility that the future is full of mystery, excitement, and unlimited opportunity?

The Art of Uncertainty is an invitation to the listener to consider its essential message: learning to love the unknown by staying present in the moment. If the difficulties of recent years have taught us anything--particularly those who 'did everything right' and still saw it all fall apart--it's that none of us has as much control over our lives as we believe. The only thing we can control is our next thought.

What if we could learn how to be at peace with uncertainty and embrace the possibility that the future is full of mystery, excitement, and unlimited opportunity? What if we discovered that a new paradigm can be more fulfilling, more rewarding, and more peaceful than what we have known? Living in the I don't know and loving it is an art form we can all master and The Art of Uncertainty is the perfect guidebook.

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  • Loretta S.

    I love your book “Art of Abundance” Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life.... I was transformed by Chapter 9 “Be of Service” ... I’ve recently went back and reread Chapter 9 Be Service, as well Chapter 10 Be Courageous, Chapter 11 Be a Catalyst for Good .... These practices help me so much... I totally connected to this book. In the shortest summary of its impact, in Chapter 10; Be a Catalyst for Good... You state on page 251, A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson of what being successful in life looks like to him... “Success: To laugh often and much to win the respect of intelligent people, and the affection children, to earn our appreciation of honest critics and betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty to find the best another’s to leave the world in a bit better whether by healthy child, a garden patch or and redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathe easier because you have lived. This is to have SUCCEEDED”! I must confess I’ve struggle for years with as Emmerson’s quote on third line “To earn appreciation of honest critics and endure betrayal of false friends!” Enduring the “BETRAYAL “ it becoming increasingly more difficult, feel it so deeply! As WE ARE ONE!! To hurt ONE IS TO HURT US ALL! ... I felt to over come my empath emotions with all the loss of lives now days ... I must move on in being of SERVICE !! ... Its helped me tremendously... I Thank you for putting these beautiful practices into words... Of course now I’m in reading the “Art of Uncertainty “! .... Then I’ll be ready to go on to “Your (Re) Defining Moments-Becoming Who You Were Born to Be”! I’m looking forward to participating in it! I think it’s going to be so enlightening, and helpful dealing with what’s going on now days! Dennis your essence is AMAZING, and a blessing, it’s help me so much these last few years to navigate in this HUGE SHIFT IN OUR HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESSES! I THANK YOU!! LOVE AND PEACE!

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