Book Rating (97)
Narrator Rating (15)

The Count of Monte Cristo

Unabridged Audio Book

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John Lee

47 Hours 2 Minutes

Blackstone Audiobooks

June 2008

Audio Book Summary

Dashing young Edmond Dant?¿s has everything: a fine reputation, an appointment as captain of a ship, and the heart of a beautiful woman. But his perfect life is shattered when three jealous friends conspire to destroy him. Falsely accused of a political crime, Dant?¿s is locked away for life in the infamous Chateau d'If prison. But it is there that Dant?¿s learns of a vast hidden treasure. After fourteen years of hopeless imprisonment, Dant?¿s makes his daring escape and follows his secret map to untold fortune. Disguised now as the mysterious and powerful Count of Monte Cristo, Dant?¿s seeks out his enemies-and nothing will stand in the way of his just revenge.

Filled with thrilling episodes of betrayal, romance, and revenge, The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the greatest adventure stories ever written.

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  • Anonymous

    Wonderful book that takes you on adventures ranging from a dim prison cell to marvelous palaces, in the midst of it all international political intrigue and conspiracies take place. It's hard to even categorize this novel. Coming of age, political thriller, romance, detective, biographical, travel novel, gothic novel and more. I am, however, disappointed with the narrator. As the book progresses he starts to do more and more accents. Imagine someone from Wisconsin speaking like an Italian pizza maker from Brooklyn speaking for hours on end, it's very distracting, I have to make considerable effort to follow the plot and not focus on his 'funny accents' - super annoying. Also, he didn't anglicize many French words, so if you don't know French, then instead of hearing Pharaoh you hear fahoughhough and it will take you awhile to figure out how various names sound and what they are, as it all sounds like unpronounceable gibberish that doesn't come close to resembling names. I recommend looking for another narrator, but if someone mocking accents for long hours doesn't bother you, then he is otherwise pretty good. I think I hate italian accent after listening to this though.

    Book Rating

  • lgehrke

    I loved this book and the narrator was beyond awesome! There were parts of the book that were a bit slow and way too much information, but the plot kept me interested. The ending had a bit of a moral, even though I found it rather sad.

    Book Rating

  • Nicholas L.

    Phenomenal. Aside from this being one of, if not the most, incredible works in all of western literature; John Lee’s narration brings it to another level. Couldn’t recommend this enough.

    Book Rating

  • Brian

    An absolute masterpiece; a literary treasure. I was sad when it ended.

    Book Rating

  • Nicole L

    A lot happened in this book, and although it slowed down a little in the middle and it didn't end the way I expected, I'm really glad I read it. The narration was good, and definitely made the book itself more enjoyable.

    Book Rating

  • Carol Ernst

    Amazing! It would be wonderful if a force with the will of Edwin Dante could avenge the wicked in our world today. I hated reaching the end of this tale of love

    Book Rating

  • Keith Shroyer

    This may be my favorite book of all time. Love all the nuances and side stories.

    Book Rating

  • Johanna Munnelly

    Wonderful book! Long, but worth it when you get to the end.

    Book Rating

  • Matt Hubbard

    Timeless book and excellent narration! Thoroughly enjoyed.

    Book Rating

  • Dustin Waite

    Outstanding book and an amazing reader. I've read the abridged versions and seen the movie and this book surpasses them by far. Do your self a favor and listen to this book. You will be a better person for it. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

    Book Rating