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The Elfstones of Shannara

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Charles Keating

6 Hours 14 Minutes

Random House (Audio)

May 2004

Audio Book Summary

In the far future, unbeknown to humankind, an apocalyptic war is brewing. Fearsome, vengeful Demons rage at the boundaries of the world, held at bay by a spell called the Forbidding. But now that barrier is dying. Evil is beginning to break through. And only the Chosen can banish the Demons back to their realm.
Wil Ohmsford is a healer, not a fighter; a man of duty, not great deeds. But this epic battle seeks him out, for he holds the Elfstones: mysterious protective talismans passed down by his grandfather. Wil is recruited to act as guardian to the Elf girl Amberle, who must venture far to deliver a seed that will help the Forbidding to grow again. The fate of civilization rests upon her shoulders—and the completion of her mission rests upon Wil’s. Now, as the forces of darkness descend, Wil and Amberle embark on a perilous journey, placing their faith in each other to survive the bloodthirsty terrors that await.
Praise for Terry Brooks
“Shannara was one of my favorite fictional worlds growing up, and I look forward to many return trips.”—Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia!
“If Tolkien is the grandfather of modern fantasy, Terry Brooks is its favorite uncle.”—Peter V. Brett, author of The Skull Throne
“A great storyteller, Terry Brooks creates rich epics filled with mystery, magic, and memorable characters.”—Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon

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  • Jade W

    I have loved the Shannara books since I was a teenager. Mr Keating did a phenomenal job as the story teller!

    Book Rating

  • Karen D.

    Although I have loved everything Shanara for 30 +years This is not Terry Brooks best book. The sword of shanara is so much more epic. I am revisiting my old favorites during me work commute, and was so disappointed in the brevity of this tale I also truly hated the narrator. He has no emotion in his voice and he swallows the ends of sentences.

    Book Rating

  • Alexander jagt

    This should have been unabridged. I like to read the book with the audio books.

    Book Rating

  • Matthew Fairchild

    Enjoyed the book and loved the narration! Will definitely be checking into the rest of the series.

    Book Rating

  • Erwin pantoja

    The narrator was good and the book was enjoyable. I will definitely look at other books in the series.

    Book Rating

  • Angelo Lopes

    The voice acting was lackluster. Most of the characters sound the same. Could not get very far in the story due to voice actor.

    Book Rating

  • Philip Bouska

    One of my favorite books and it was read almost as I read it

    Book Rating