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The Face: A Novel

Unabridged Audio Book

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Dylan Baker

19 Hours 33 Minutes

Random House (Audio)

May 2003

Audio Book Summary

Acknowledged as “America’s most popular suspense novelist”(Rolling Stone ) and as one of today’s most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human. Now he delivers the page-turner of the season, an unforgettable journey to the heart of darkness and to the pinnacle of grace, at once chilling and wickedly funny, a brilliantly observed chronicle of good and evil in our time, of illusion and everlasting truth.

He’s Hollywood’s most dazzling star, whose flawless countenance inspires the worship of millions and fires the hatred of one twisted soul. His perfectly ordered existence is under siege as a series of terrifying, enigmatic “messages” breaches the exquisitely calibrated security systems of his legendary Bel Air estate.

The boxes arrive mysteriously, one by one, at Channing Manheim’s fortified compound. The threat implicit in their bizarre, disturbing contents seems to escalate with each new delivery. Manheim’s security chief, ex-cop Ethan Truman, is used to looking beneath the surface of things. But until he entered the orbit of a Hollywood icon, he had no idea just how slippery reality could be. Now this good man is all that stands in the way of an
insidious killer—and forces that eclipse the most fevered fantasies of a city where dreams and nightmares are the stuff of daily life. As a seemingly endless and ominous rain falls over southern California, Ethan will test the limits of perception and endurance in a world where the truth is as thin as celluloid and answers can be found only in the illusory intersection of shadow and light.

Enter a world of marvelous invention, enchantment, and implacable intent, populated by murderous actors and the walking dead, hit men and heroes, long-buried dreams and never-dying hope.

Here a magnificent mansion is presided over by a Scottish force of nature known as Mrs. McBee, before whom all men tremble. A mad French chef concocts feasts for the mighty and the malicious. Ming du Lac, spiritual adviser to the stars, has a direct line to the dead. An aptly named cop called Hazard will become Ethan’s ally, an anarchist will sow discord and despair, and a young boy named Fric, imprisoned by celebrity and loneliness, will hear a voice telling him of the approach of something unimaginably evil. Traversing this extraordinary landscape, Ethan will face the secrets of his own tragic past and the unmistakable premonition of his impending violent death as he races against time to solve the macabre riddles of a modern-day beast.

A riveting tour de force of suspense, mystery, and miraculous revelation, The Face is that rare novel that entertains, provokes, and uplifts at the same time. It will make you laugh. It will give you chills. It will fill you with hope.

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  • Monica G.

    The very first books from Dean Koontz I had bought and listen to was "Drangon Tears" it left me just wanting more of Dean Koontz. So I went to the libracy and Pick up the "Face" WOW what a book I could not get out of my car driving in circle just to listen what would happen next. Once I was done I couldn't stop talking about the book so I passed it to my co-worker, who was also under Dean spell, and it began: we started a audio book club at work. there was about 5-6 of us but we were in love just passing books and then chatting about them at lunch. Our Audio Book club lasted 5 yrs then we all started to move on to other jobs and having withdraws what we do now we have gone on we pick up book and tell someone they need to get it so on and so on. Now I found this web site and I am in love all over again. I just cant wait to tell my friends. Thank you for this get idea. Monica G. :)~

    Book Rating

  • lynn johnson

    A lot of the reviews were not so great for the reader, but I disagree. I think the story and the teller are a perfect match! As usual, Dean Koontz does a great job spinning his web to snag his prey. And I the willing am grateful to be present at such a feast. Koontz again does a masterful job!

    Book Rating

  • Lisa

    Until now, I haven't been a Koontz fan or even a fan of this genre, but I must say that "The Face" had me hooked from beginning to end. Yes, it does get wordy as other reviewers have noted, but that's part of the beauty of this book. Koontz is a master of detail and painter or word pictures. I especially loved his depiction of Elfrick, the 10-year old son on the never-to-be seen title characters. Also loved the way he lampooned so many folks in this book including Hollywood types, politicians and academics. Bravo Mr. Koontz. I'll be back for more!

    Book Rating

  • br67tb

    Great Book - kept my interest all the way through.

    Book Rating

  • Melissa Maurice

    I really enjoyed this book. The characters were so engrossing, particularily the intelligent and engaging child, Elfrick...who's inner monologue was responsible for more than one or two bursts of laughter! Great action, original and interesting - not like anything you've read before. Highly recommended!

    Book Rating

  • Myrna Bermundo

    The book is very intriguing. Then again, I like Dean Koontz. Like all of Dean Koonts books, its a page turner if I was reading the book. I stayed in my car for many a times so that I could finish listening to the audio. I can't wait to get the rest of the audios.

    Book Rating

  • Kay McKay

    One of the best I have listened to...I didn't want to get out of the vehicle and go to work! Could barely wait to listen some more...a must listen to book!

    Book Rating

  • William Morgan

    This was my first book by Koontz and I loved it. The author wove an exciting tale and the reader made it a thrill to listen all the way though. I had to go on a business trip in the middle of the book so I picked up the paperback at the airport and read a few chapters on my trip. When I got back, I switched back to the disks to finish the story. I'm going to listen to more Koontz.

    Book Rating

  • jiffer60

    The reason this gets a 3 is not so much that the story deserves it but the reader brings it down. The story, so far, is pretty good and Koontz is very descriptive. He uses great words and I am always trying to broaden my vocabulary so this is nice to listen to. However, the reader is drone and nasal and has very little enthusiasm. He really is ruining the story as a whole. I find that I have to keep rewinding because I've missed something due to my mind drifting off because the reader is just so boring. It's too bad because the story is quite interesting.

    Book Rating

  • Lili

    A good story! Not long and drawn out, I love long stories as long as they are captivating. Dean Koontz hit it out of the ballpark yet again!

    Book Rating