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The Last Question

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Blue Tyson

0 Hours 51 Minutes

Fate Core System

January 2011

Audio Book Summary

First published in November 1956 issue of Science Fiction Quarterly. Asimov thought that The Last Question was his best short story ever. The story deals with the development of computers called Multivacs and their relationships with humanity through the courses of seven historic settings, beginning in 2061. In each of the first six scenes a different character presents the computer with the same question; namely, how the threat to human existence posed by the heat death of the universe can be averted. The question was: "How can the net amount of entropy of the universe be massively decreased?" This is equivalent to asking: "Can the workings of the second law of thermodynamics (used in the story as the increase of the entropy of the universe), be reversed?" Multivac's only response after much "thinking" is: "THERE IS AS YET INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR A MEANINGFUL ANSWER."

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  • Ivana C.

    For me this is also the best short story Asimov wrote. I love it and read it countless times. Don't miss it!

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Nice short story with good ending. Mind boggling to think it was written in the '50s. Would have given it a 5 for narration if there was less fluff at the beginning before the story started.

    Book Rating

  • Rod M.

    Asimov is a Genius.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Confirms my believe in all - (all = What humans referred to as God or Allah and/or many other names). (Thank about it)

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Asimov was way ahead of his time. One of the best science fiction writers of all time. I recommend all of his novels and short stories. The Last Question is my favorite of his short stories.

    Book Rating

  • adam croce

    Well... this is one of the best short stories of modern time. Taking a deep, thoughtful look at the most integral question of existence. However, if you want the story almost completely ruined by a terrible intro, and the worst intro of all time, then this is the place to do it. The reading is okay. Lots of other weird BS to sit thru.

    Book Rating

  • Benjamin J.

    a truly amazing story considering the time it was written and we still were just scratching at these concepts. downside to this recording is there's 9 minutes of pointless patting on the back of the narrator and almost 10 minutes at the end with a weird song and more patting on the back of the narrator by the narrator.

    Book Rating

  • Billy R.

    Loved it. Rediscovering Asimov again.

    Book Rating

  • Stephanie Striefel

    After you skip the 15 minutes of intro from whatever podcast this recording is from, everything is amazing. The story culminates in a totally unexpected ending, and I loved it.

    Book Rating

  • Michael G.

    Wonderful SciFi

    Book Rating