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Thirty Years A Slave

Unabridged Audio Book

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James K. White

4 Hours 55 Minutes


January 2017

Audio Book Summary

Louis Hughes was born a slave near Charlottesville, Virginia to a white father and a black slave woman. Throughout his life he worked mostly as a house servant, but was privy to the intimate details and workings of the entire McGee cotton plantation and empire.

In Thirty Years A Slave Hughes provides vivid descriptions and explicit accounts of how the McGee plantation in Mississippi, and the McGee mansion in Tennessee functioned--accounts of the lives of the many slaves that lived, suffered and sometimes died under the cruel and unusual punishments meted out by Boss and his monstrously unstable and vindictive wife. He described the profane manner in which this peculiar institution dehumanized, on a daily basis, not only the black man but even more so the white man.

Ultimately, Thirty Years A Slave is an expression of Hughes’s desire to accurately describe the nature of the influence that the institution of slavery had on this country during the two hundred years in which it existed here, and the influence it continues to have on the heart and soul of a post-Civil War, post-14th Amendment United States. (Introduction by James K. White)

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  • Anonymous

    I loved this book and the narrator. The historical nature of this book was educational and the story so personal and painful to hear.

    Book Rating

  • Merritt C

    Such an excellent read! Real daily life of a slave and the struggles. You get a better understanding of the varied mindsets at the time. Highly recommend.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Awesome book!

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    This story's title says what it's about but it's so much more to really hear what tragedies and hardships that the enslaved had to endure. Hearing the tale told from someone who lived it telling it like it was not made for public acceptance by glazing over the unappealing aspects. I felt so awful learning about his poor children.

    Book Rating

  • Maria G.

    Such an amazing book! The author really took me on a journey into his life. This book really came to life for me. The narrator was great as well. I highly recommend!!

    Book Rating

  • Reuven C.

    Great book great narration

    Book Rating

  • Angelissa U.

    Loved the movie, great book! Narration could improve but well done anyway.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Very good!!

    Book Rating

  • Robert W

    I thoroughly enjoy each of the chapters and caught myself wondering why the submissiveness of the slaves when they many times out numbered the slaveholder. But then I had to remember that if you beat and subjugate a person and nothing happens to stop that behavior you become docile and compliant. Great way to see into the minds of the slave even though it was very painful at times to listen to.

    Book Rating

  • Diane F

    I just felt so awful for what he went through. The treatment of slaves is an embarrassment of American History! To treat people like that is so awful. He really explained every part of slavery.

    Book Rating