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Three Nights in August: Strategy, Heartbreak, and Joy: Inside the Mind of a Manager

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Jeffrey Nordling

9 Hours 53 Minutes

HighBridge Company

April 2005

Audio Book Summary

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Friday Night Lights follows 2004 National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa through a three-game series with the arch-rival Chicago Cubs. Bissinger chronicles the process by which the manager leads his players to victory and distills the essence of the game from locker room and front office to dugout and field of play.

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  • Mike French

    I liked this very much. The author opened up a window into what goes on behind the scenes of a baseball team. I knew that baseball was a complex game with lots of strategies, but after reading this book, I now understand that I was only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Being a Cardinal fan, I knew the results of the 3 games but was still drawn into the drama of each play.

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  • Valerie S.

    I’m not super sports fan, but I do enjoy them. Baseball is my favorite as it brings feelings of nostalgia to me. I really enjoyed Friday Night Lights and wanted to see what else this author could do. Although at times I got a little distracted due to high amounts of statistics recited what I loved about this book was how descriptive Bissinger is. His passages paint a picture so clear you feel the intensity and passion of the game as though you were there in the stands. Even if you’re not a sports lover you may enjoy this story for the colorful detail and way he brings the people to life through the pages.

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  • Marcie R.

    As a serious baseball fan, this book opened new ideas about strategy of creating a winning team. Although I’ve been an American League fan since I was a young girl, being made aware of the machinations of putting together a National League Team provided insights I expect can be transferred to an AL team as well. Now to find a book that examines the strategy of directing the playing of the game! Marcie

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  • Anonymous

    Great look inside the clubhouse of an MLB team. You see the success and failures of player and coaches and get critical opinions not seen on ESPN.

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  • Anonymous

    A great story, or really, a series of stories with characters and situations that you can listen to for learning baseball strategy, or just to teach you about the wisdom and regret that experience can give you. Seeing things through the eyes of Tony LaRussa, Bissinger describes these games with enormous skill, at times with humor, regret, admiration, or joy. If you like baseball, or life, or especially both, you'll enjoy this one.

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  • Walter Bynum

    Absolutely the best baseball book I've read! A truely insightful look at the subtle strategies and routine fundamentals of the game and how they are applied (and ignored) by today's atheletes. Loved every minute of it!

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  • Bill Cochran

    Tony has allowed us all a pure view of baseball through his eyes and a small touch of his soul. I just wish there was something I could give back to Tony. I guess I should go to a Cardinals game to cheer him and his team on! One of the best books I've listened to.

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  • George Lewis

    One of the best books written about baseball or any sport for that matter. A true insight into one of the greatest managerial minds. Doesn't matter who you root for, this book will teach you more about the real world of baseball then you every thought. Highly recommended.

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  • Anonymous

    A real joy to read! If you love baseball, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. A three game series with the Cubs serves as the backbone of the book, but it is much more than this Cards-Cubs series. Many of the great players and characters of the game are vividly portrayed and the reader is taken into the dugout and clubhouse. The finer points of the game are interestingly covered in a fun and educational way. Well done!

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  • Matt from Chicago

    If you are a baseball fan, you will enjoy this book. Author Buzz Bissinger does a great job giving readers a glimpse into the mind of Tony LaRussa during a three-game series with the Cubs in 2003. The first part of the book reads like a LaRussa biography, but the rest of it reads like a documentary with recurring flashbacks that tell the stories of various players and coaches involved in the three-game series (mostly Cardinal players, such as Rick Ankiel, J.D. Drew and Matt Morris, but some Cubs and coaches as well). Bissinger is a good sports author and the imagery he uses to convey the game of baseball is superb. Plus, Jeffrey Nordling has the perfect narrator’s voice for a baseball book, which makes for easy listening.

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