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Travel Journaling: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Diaries

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Becky Boyd

0 Hours 38 Minutes

Findaway Voices

March 2018


Audio Book Summary

A tr?v?l j?urn?l ?? a t?rr?f?? w?? t? ???tur? tr?v?l memories ?nd k??? th?m f?r?v?r. Our ?b?l?t? t? r???ll th??? ??????l t?m?? is ?? unr?l??bl? th?t, n?tur?ll?, w? w?nt t? record th?m so w? ??n r?v???t th?m, over ?nd ?v?r.
What ?b?ut ?th?r m?m?r??? - th? ones w? make wh?n w? v???t family or old friends? Or the ?ld forgotten ?t?r??? that ?ur relatives t?ll u?? Th??? nuggets that w? d?n't th?nk we will ?v?r f?rg?t but, sadly, we d?? Wh?t about ???ur?ng a ?l??? f?r th?m b? r???rd?ng th?m ?n ??ur tr?v?l journal?
Imagine you are t?k?ng ??ur ?h?ldr?n ?r spouse t? visit r?l?t?v?? th?t they h?v? n?t met before, perhaps to ??? a cousin or an elderly aunt. B?f?r? ??u leave h?m?, ??u take ?ut an ?ld ?h?t? album and look ?t ???tur?? ?f ??u ?nd ??ur relatives when you w?r? l?ttl?. Th?r? you are, ?t?nd?ng n??r ??ur ??r?nt?, ?unt?, un?l??, ?r ??u??n?. Y?ur k?d? w?nt to know ?b?ut th??? ????l?, ?nd you t?ll th?m the ?t?r??? th?t ??r?ng t? mind.
T?d??'? story ?? t?m?rr?w'? m?m?r? - ?f we can r?m?mb?r ?t. Tr?v?l j?urn?l? ensure that w? will. Our ?t?r??? ?r? part of wh?t makes a f?m?l? ?r a ??mmun?t?. If we don't ?r???rv? th?m, they d?? when th? ?t?r?t?ll?r? d??.
If we w?nt t? keep telling ?ur ?t?r???, th?n w? n??d t? b? ?bl? to remember them. Th? b??t way t? remember th?m is t? record th?m. Y?ur travel journal is b?th a br?dg? to th? past ?nd th? k?? to th? futur?.

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