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True Tales from the Land of Digital Sand: relatable memoirs of a career tech support geek

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Michael Anthony White

9 Hours 7 Minutes

Findaway Voices

August 2021

Audio Book Summary

There's always been that one quiet kid in the back of the class. Perhaps they're a little shy, branded a misfit - maybe they dress a little funny... but they're always watching, always listening.

That's me. I'm that kid. I've learned much by playing the role of an avid observer, and feel I must break my silence if only for a spell.

Sitcoms have thrived on the silly subject matter of telephone support for decades, exposing the most despicable acts of customers and corporations alike. Yet, the nonsense fueling this mighty dumpster fire reaches far beyond the surface scratched by trite stereotypes and internet memes.

Once exposed, it's also disturbingly familiar.

For every poor soul who has experienced the fine pleasures of dialing for assistance, I've brought to the table the many fruits of my labor reaped by always fighting for the user. Being a tech support agent blessed with the burden of a conscience, I've persistently asked employers the uncomfortable questions, and pushed for ethical standards few agents have dared.

To those possessing the bravery to partake of my adventures, I daresay you may obtain quite the edge in Customer Service, Business Management, Public Relations, Budgeting, Negotiation, Team Leadership, Camaraderie, and finally - good ol' fashioned Social Arbitration...

Snuffing out those flames of office drama.

I've witnessed the methods that achieve long-term success versus those that lead only to certain doom; though a mere measure of humanity is often the catalyst taking both customers and companies to the next phase, so very many are still struggling to level up.

Let this be their shameless strategy guide.

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