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Unf*ck Your Brain: Using Science to Get over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers

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Faith G. Harper

3 Hours 39 Minutes

Blackstone Audiobooks

March 2018

Audio Book Summary

A no-nonsense and helpful guide on how to cope with a slew of mental-health issues that are hell-bent on ruining the lives of millions of people worldwide

Our brains do their best to help us out, but every so often they can be real assholes?having meltdowns, getting addicted to things, or shutting down completely at the worst possible moments. Your brain knows it's not good to do these things, but it can't help it sometimes?especially if it's obsessing about trauma it can't overcome. That's where this life-changing book comes in.

With humor, patience, science, and lots of good-ole swearing, Dr. Faith explains what's going on in your skull, and talks you through the process of retraining your brain to respond appropriately to the nonemergencies of everyday life, and to deal effectively with old, or newly acquired, traumas (particularly post-traumatic stress disorder).

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  • Daniel W.

    OK, yes the books f**king name was probably a f**king clue, but there's absolutely no f**king need for a swear word in almost every single sh*tting sentence. Like they've been f**king forced in intentionally to be cool. I really want to get through it for the content but it's hard f**king work. I really want to give it a chance for the content, but the swearing is f**king distracting, it just makes me angry. I'm unfortunately finding it almost completely c*nting unlistenable. What a f**king shame.

    Book Rating

  • Raymundo B.

    I f****** love this book and author i will definitely be reading this multiple times. Thank you!!

    Book Rating

  • Darcy D.

    I love the information she is presenting but the cussing. I’m not a genteel person by any stretch of the imagination but there seriously is no need for so much. A few well placed words to make a point or for humor can make a book like this much more tolerable but she swears just for the sake of swearing. I couldn’t get past the first few chapters.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Could have been a magazine article

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Love the voice and can totally relate. Thank you for this book. Much needed

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I was focus on the amount of cursing to much to learn from the book .

    Book Rating

  • Ian G.


    Book Rating

  • Claudio R.

    The swearing in very distracting and needless

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    found the bad language very distracting

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    ok,I liked it

    Book Rating