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  • Lou Wakefield

    First broadcast on Woman’s Hour, Prunella Scales and Patricia Routledge star in this popular BBC Radio 4 comedy 'Ladies of Letters'. This collection features all 11 series. When Irene Spencer meets Vera Small at her daughter Lesley's wedding reception they embark upon a correspondence that is quite unlike any other in the history of letter-writing. Both Irene and Vera are happily widowed and endowed with errant offspring. They live in a world of church fetes and amateur dramatics, but love nothing more than dipping their pens in the vitriol pot - while remaining the firmest of pen-pals. Feisty, naughty and endlessly funny, Ladies of Letters provides a hilarious insight into more

  • Carole Hayman

    Prunella Scales and Patricia Routledge make a clean sweep in a further series of the BBC Radio 4 comedy hit. The ladies are back, and this time they're full of Springtime recipes and tips for a long and healthy life. Once again, however, disaster is never very far away... Reunited at the bedside of a mutual old flame, Irene and Vera feel a sudden urge to focus on all things dietary and medical. From rest cures to rest homes, and from running repairs to running away, the intrepid ladies find themselves launching into battle with doctors, dieticians, their own families and of course with each other. This sixth entry in the phenomenally popular series, first broadcast on BBC more