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  • Chris Dietzel

    The universe is dangerous, wondrous-a vast canvas upon which humanity sketches its hopes for the future. In this anthology, you'll find seventeen tales of conflict and heroism, exploration and discovery, endurance and triumph. Flee the apocalypse of modern-day Earth, fly a fighter in the cold emptiness of deep space, and find new life on the distant shores of an alien world. You might even discover something about yourself as each author opens a window on the soul of mankind. Who are we, really? Should we survive? How do we become something greater without losing what makes us human? Start listening to this collection and take your first steps into tomorrow. Travel the cosmos to more

  • Chris Christie

    The instant New York Times-bestselling memoir from the outspoken former governor--an 'explosive' (Guardian) 'must read' (Hugh Hewitt) account of Chris Christie's life in politics including his 'not to miss' (Entertainment Weekly) insights into Donald Trump. After dropping out of the 2016 presidential race, Chris Christie stunned the political world by becoming the first major official to endorse Donald Trump. A friend of Trump's for fifteen years, the two-term New Jersey governor understood the future president as well as anyone in the political arena--and Christie quickly became one of Trump's most trusted advisers. Tapped with running Trump's transition team, Christie was nearly more

  • Chris Christie

    Enough with the infighting, the truth-denying, the wild conspiracy claims, the looking backward, and the refusal to focus on the dangerous Biden agenda. Here’s Chris Christie’s urgent guide for recapturing Republican glory and winning elections again, told with all the New Jersey frankness and news-breaking insights that have made the two-term governor, Trump early endorser, and presidential candidate an indispensable voice and instant New York Times bestselling author. As governor of New Jersey and a key Trump insider and longtime friend, Chris Christie has always been known for speaking his mind. Now that the depressing 2020 election is finally behind us, he shares more

  • Chris Metzen

    Der Warcraft-Film kommt in die Kinos! Und hier gibt es die Vorgeschichte zum mit Spannung erwarteten Leinwand-Event. Der Orc-Klan der Frostwölfe sieht sich mit zunehmend härteren Wintern und schwindenden Viehbeständen konfrontiert. Bislang unbekannte Ländereien scheinen die Lösung der Probleme zu sein, doch das neue gelobte Land ist bereits bewohnt. Der Beginn einer epischen Auseinandersetzung hat hier ihren Ursprung ... Der Auftakt einer Filmtrilogie basierend auf dem erfolgreichsten Videogame more