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  • Christian Lewis

    In his darkest depression, one idea brought Christian Lewis out of the depths - and into a new life. Finding Hildasay, read by the author, is a brutal and beautiful true story of depression, survival, walking, and the meaning of home. ‘Now I was finally out of the force of the wind, my body began to warm – the part where the real pain sets in. I’d felt it plenty of times before on this journey, but this time it was different. As I began to regain feeling in my fingers and toes, it burned so strongly that I just sat in tears of pain.’ Ex-paratrooper Christian Lewis had hit rock bottom, suffering with depression so severe he would shut himself in his bedroom more

  • Edith Nesbit

    An irresistible anthology of folklore, fables and perennial favourites, including four novels and 17 short stories This superlative collection of children's stories brings together a feast of fantastic fiction, read in full by a host of top narrators and with a comprehensive track listing for ease of listening. Comprising everything from fairytales for little ones to thrilling adventures for pre-teens, these unabridged readings are ideal for families to keep, treasure and dip into as their children grow. Listed by suggested age range and with track numbers provided, the stories are as follows: Ages 4+ 1-12 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (read by more

  • Charles Dickens

    This delightful collection of children’s stories is perfect listening for the whole family. Featured are four beloved stories to entice your imagination, including A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The Bell by Hans Christian Andersen, and Snow White by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Each story is performed by a full cast of voice actors with sound effects more

  • Frances Hodgson Burnett

    This delightful collection of thirteen children’s classic stories features Alice in Wonderland*, The Bell, A Christmas Carol, Cinderella*, Emily of New Moon, The Little Match Girl, The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Scourge of the Desert**, The Secret Garden, Sleeping Beauty*, Snow White*, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. *Awarded Gold (full-cast dramatization) – HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival** International Radio more