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    Clinton Jackson is a rarity: a comedian who works clean. A fighter against stereotypes, he has been compared to a young Bill Cosby. His comedy is mostly observational; it's about life, kids. On stage he dances as if he were in a boxing match, delivering material that is as much fun to watch as it is to hear. He is clever and engaging. On `Nuff Said`, Clinton reflects on life in America today. We are privy to his personal opinions on everything from the "San Francisco scene", to Star Wars, to the "un(i)-bomber", to feminine "mood changes". His comical observations will make you see life in a different light, and a welcome change more

  • Walter Clinton Jackson

    Booker T. Washington was one of the first nationally recognized African American leaders after the Civil War. He was born to a slave woman in Virginia, who then took him as a young boy to West Virginia after the emancipation. Booker became a leader in education heading the Tuskegee Institute for more than 30 years and working with other universities. He advocated a moderate approach to elevating the African Americans through education and business, but worked behind the scenes to change discriminatory laws and practices, and became an adviser to the White House. He authored 14 books, and many articles and speeches, including his autobiography, Up more