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  • Collin Doyle

    On the anniversary of his wife's death, Leo Carlin and his two sons come together for their traditional night of sharing the good and not-so-good memories of the dearly departed Mrs. Carlin. Beers are drunk. Plans are hatched. Secrets are revealed. The Mighty Carlins is a black comedy that celebrates a family at its worst. Starring Shane Rimmer, Christopher Ragland, and more

  • Edgar Allan Poe

    Doug Bradley's Spinechillers Volume Two, presents four classic stories from the masters of horror literature. It kicks off with Charles Dickens' friend and collaborator Wilkie Collins' eerie tale of a man's dream of his own murder that comes too true 'The Dream Woman'. Second on the bill is the master of American literature Edgar Allan Poe's classic story of doomed love 'The Oval Portrait'. Making his first appearance in the Spinechillers series is Arthur Conan Doyle. Widely known for creating Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle was also the author of a number of horror stories that introduced new ideas to the genre. Volume Two includes his story 'The Ring of Thoth', a tale of more