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  • Edgar Allan Poe

    This Audiobook contains the following works: 1. The Builder [Frank L. Packard 2. The Man Who Didn't Count [Frank L. Packard] 3. Red Petals [Frederick Merrick White] 4. The Other Man's Story [Frederick Merrick White] 5. The Shebeeners [Frederick Merrick White] 6. The Waterwitch [Frederick Merrick White] 7. The Brand of the Wild [G.B Lancaster] 8. A Fair Smuggler [George Newnes] 9. A Castaway of the South [Gilbert Parker] 10. As Deep As the Sea [Gilbert Parker] 11. The Gift of the Simple King [Gilbert Parker] 12. The Treasure of Sacramento [Nick Guy Boothby] 13. A Personal Problem [H. Bedford-Jones] 14. Gallegher of Beaver [H. Bedford-Jones] 15. Sun, Sand and Soap [ more