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  • Donald Jr. Goines

    From one of the most revolutionary writers of the twentiethcentury comes the uncensored and gritty novel that inspired today's street litand hip-hop culture. After my ninthbirthday, I began to really understand the meaning of my name. I began tounderstand just what my mother was doing for a living. There was nothing Icould do about it, but even had I been able to, I wouldn't have changed it. Whoreson Jones is the son of a beautiful blackprostitute and an unknown white john. As a child, he's looked after by hisneighborhood's imposing matriarch, Big Mama, while his mother works. At age twelve,his street education begins when a man named Fast Black schools him in trickology.By thirteen, more

  • Donald Jr. Goines

    The shocking nightmare story of a black heroin addict Trapped in the festering sore of a major American ghetto, ayoung man and his girlfriend-both attractive, talented, and full of promise-areinexorably pulled into the living death of the hardcore junkie. It is ahorrifying world where addicts will do anything to get their next fix. For twenty-three years of his young life, Donald Goineslived in the dark, despair-ridden world of the junkie. It started while he wasdoing military service in Korea and ended with his murder in his late thirties. He had worked up to a hundred-dollars-a-day habit-and out of theagonizing hell more

  • Donald Goines

    In this shocking novel of a young girl alone on the streets,Donald Goines delves into yet another facet of the ghetto experience-the dark,despair-ridden world of a black girl's soul. Sandra took to the streets when she was eight years old andtried to fight off the hunger pangs by shoplifting and moving into the profitsof drug pushing. Then she met Chink, and with him she discovered love andaffection ... as well as rape more