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  • Jim Tracy

    Why would two small-time American public defenders search, locate, and photograph the lifeless bodies of young women their client raped, murdered, and hid, and then leave the bodies where they found them and not tell authorities? And how did they have the audacity to meet with one of the fathers of a missing girl and tell him they knew nothing about her fate or whereabouts? When the nation eventually learned of the lawyers' actions, they were horrified and outraged that two officers of the law could act in a way that seemed beyond any concept of humanity. In Sworn to Silence, award winning reporter Jim Tracy tells the lawyers' story within the framework of a true crime narrative. more

  • Jim Rohn

    Includes a bonus DVD! For professional and personal plan development from world-class motivators, this audio program will play a pivotal role in developing your skills and life philosophy. Millions of people have benefited from the timeless wisdom of Jim Rohn and consider him America's #1 business philosopher. Add these rare recordings of Jim Rohn to your audio collection and start developing your personal plan for success today. With Brian Tracy, you will discover what skills you need to develop in order to become a self-made millionaire. Use his timeless wisdom to develop your own personal plan for achieving wealth and success. Subjects include personal leadership, commitment, focus, more