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  • Joshua Davis

    Four undocumented Mexican American students, two great teachers, one robot-building contest . . . and a major motion picture In 2004, four Latino teenagers arrived at the Marine Advanced Technology Education Robotics Competition at the University of California, Santa Barbara. They were born in Mexico but raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where they attended an underfunded public high school. No one had ever suggested to Oscar, Cristian, Luis, or Lorenzo that they might amount to much-but two inspiring science teachers had convinced these impoverished, undocumented kids from the desert who had never even seen the ocean that they should try to build an underwater robot. And build a more

  • Joshua Reid-Davis

    I am known throughout the world as the HAPPY GUY all the time and in this audiobook i let you into my life and the journey that it's taken me to get through the rough patches, the journey in finding peace with sexuality and religion, and finding my place in the world as well as the ongoing continuing journey to get to where I aspire to be in life as I take you BEHIND THE SMILE that you all have come to know. We will go through good times and bad; lessons that I learned along the way and those lessons are what made me the man that I more

  • Joshua Reid-Davis

    Broken ? Is the sequel to Behind The Smile a Memoir of my life. Upon completion of Behind The Smile I have had many people tell me stories of how they were able to relate to certain topics addressed in audiobook that literally took you “Behind The Smile” It was an introduction to people who know me as well as people of whom I have never met allowing me to tell my story. Broken ? Continues my story and continues on with my journey in life with stories of lessons learned and knowing that no matter what happens in life, no matter where life takes us we feel broken inside and in so many cases when surrounded by the right people we realize we are so far from Broken… 
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