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    Pat Conroy's memoirs and autobiographical novels contain a great deal about his life, but there is much he hasn't revealed to readers-until now. My Exaggerated Life is the product of a special collaboration between this great American author and oral biographer Katherine Clark, who recorded two hundred hours of conversations with Conroy before he passed away in 2016. In the spring and summer of 2014, the two spoke for an hour or more on the phone every day. No subject was off limits, including aspects of his tumultuous life he had never before revealed. This oral biography presents Conroy the man, as if speaking in person, in the colloquial voice familiar to family and friends. This more

  • Katherine Clark

    Orthodoxy is the dominant form of Christianity in Greece, Russia, parts of Eastern Europe, and the Balkans. Its practices are largely unfamiliar in the West and have remained essentially unchanged since the earliest days of the faith. This lucid introduction outlines the tenets, nature, and holy days of Orthodox belief with the Western listener in mind. It describes the physical church, especially icons, services, and common practices, and it offers advice to visitors on how to conduct themselves so that they are accepted and feel comfortable. Several chapters concern the life of Jesus and the beginnings of Christianity; others trace the origins and history of the Church, with more

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    “Those who are hidden in Jesus, though they suffer, will discover a more beautiful ending—or should I say beginning—than they ever could imagine.” Katherine Clark was just an average wife and mother with two young children when she was in a tragic playground accident in late May 2009. A little boy playing on the jungle gym jumped and landed on Kate’s head, knocking her over and snapping her neck. Kate was paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors diagnosed her with quadriplegia and said she would never walk again. This terrifying prognosis could have been the end of the story. But instead, God chose to work a profound miracle in Kate’s life and more