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    This compilation brings together wonderful highlights of Kenneth Williams’ career. For more than 30 years, Kenneth Williams kept the nation in stitches with his outrageous gallery of comic creations and an effortlessly brilliant barrage of repartee and innuendo on radio and television. In 'Beyond Our Ken' and 'Round the Horne', Kenneth Williams brought us the popular characters of Rambling Syd Rumpo, J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock and Sandy (of Julian & Sandy). 'Remembering... Kenneth Williams' wouldn’t be complete without his legendary contributions to 'Hancock’s Half Hour' and 'Just A Minute'. And there’s more: songs, sketches, clips from 'Parkinson', 'Just Williams', and more

  • Kenneth Williams

    In this documentary portrait of Kenneth Williams, who died in 1988, the much-loved comedy actor's diaries are drawn upon to illustrate his life and career. David Benson, who won acclaim for his one-man show in which he portrayed Kenneth Williams, reads extracts from the diaries, while archive audio clips from such programmes as Round the Horne and Beyond Out Ken illustrate the madcap versatility of Williams the performer. This Radio Collection version features material additional to the original Radio more

  • Kenneth Williams

    This fascinating collection of archive interviews with the much-loved comedy actor and diarist begins in 1961, with an appearance on the BBC TV Tonight programme, and culminates in 1987 when Kenneth Williams is a guest on Desert Island Discs. Along the way are several interviews on Parkinson, conversation from The John Dunn Show, and a number of radio items in which Williams recalls his childhood in London’s East End and his formative years in the Army. Amongst other things he discusses his acting career, personal relationships, the art of keeping a diary, his views on critics, and his first beginnings in more

  • Kenneth Williams

    To celebrate 50 years of Just a Minute, 12 previously unpublished archive episodes of the much-loved BBC Radio 4 panel game, presented by Nicholas Parsons What better way to mark a glorious half century of Just a Minute than with a collection of episodes from each of the programme's six decades, ranging from 1968 to the very special Christmas 2016 edition, Just a Minute Does Panto! As has been the case for each of those 50 years, Nicholas Parsons chairs every edition with impeccable manners and good humour. The plethora of seasoned players includes Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, Peter Jones, Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Tony Hawks, Gyles Brandreth and Sheila Hancock, and more

  • Kenneth Williams

    Four classic episodes of the popular BBC Radio 4 panel game. 5 January 1977/8 January 1980/11 March 1980/23 June 1988 Nicholas Parsons chairs four archive episodes of the evergreen BBC Radio 4 comedy panel game, featuring the four original regular players of the game: Clement Freud, Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo and Kenneth Williams. These specially selected episodes, all published for the first time, see the formidable foursome squaring up to eachother in a battle of wits – and wit. As they endeavour to prevent each other from talking for the full minute, topics introduced – and swiftly dismissed – include Bath Night, Donald Duck, Getting in a Frenzy, Gooey Buns, My Accolade, more

  • Edwin Booth

    Along with historical narrative, hear rare recordings of some of the most people in history, including Robert Browning, Kenneth Landfrey, Florence Nightingale, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, PT Barnum, Sir Arthur Sullivan, Edwin Booth, General Nelson Miles, William Jennings Bryan, and Garret A. Hobart. Recording obtained and published by more

  • Kenneth L. Shropshire

    As the revenues generated by big-time college sports continue to skyrocket, virtually all of the debate involves whether (and how much) student-athletes should be paid for play. Kenneth L. Shropshire and Collin D. Williams, Jr., argue that 'student' has to come first in student-athlete: the focus should be on prioritizing a meaningful education. In The Miseducation of the Student Athlete: How to Fix College Sports, Shropshire and Williams draw on new research to reveal that it has become increasingly difficult for college athletes to balance school and sports, much less a social life, leading to serious economic, professional, and emotional consequences for young people. Given that more

  • Kenneth Blanchard

    'Sie ersticken in Arbeit? Sie sind abends todmüde, ohne je Ihr Tagespensum geschafft zu haben? Sie tun, was Sie können, bis Sie nicht mehr können? Sie brauchen unbedingt mehr Freiraum? Wenn es so um Sie steht, gibt es für Sie nur eins: Verjagen Sie alle Klammer-Affen! Übernehmen Sie keine Probleme, die nicht ganz klar Ihre Probleme sind, denn wer die Probleme anderer übernimmt, der übernimmt sich. In einer schwungvollen und witzigen Handlung begegnen wir in diesem Hörbuch der ''leidenden Angestellten'', die schier zusammenbricht unter der Last der Klammer-Affen, die von ihren eigentlich zuständigen Eigentümern ständig auf ihn überspringen. Dieses Hörbuch aus more

  • Kealan Patrick Burke

    Midnight. Some call it the witching hour. Others call it the devil's hour. Here in the graveyard, midnight is a very special time. It is a time when ghostly spirits are at their strongest, when the veil between our world and theirs is at its thinnest. Legend has it, that while most of the world is asleep, the lack of prayers allow the spirits to communicate under the cover of darkness, among the headstones, their whispers rustling in the leaves of the old oak trees. But if you're here in the graveyard, you can tell yourself it's just the wind, that the moonlight is playing tricks on your eyes, that it's only the swirling mist you see. But when you hear the graveyard gate clang shut, more