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  • Lori Johnson

    Lori Johnson pens contemporary fiction that delves deep into the nature of love. A Natural Woman follows the life of anthropology professor Aliesha Eaton. Mired in an uninspiring pairing with her current beau, Aliesha is pierced to the heart when she encounters a mysterious barber. But then the intriguing stranger disappears after one night together-and she must try desperately to find out what happened. 'A five star new author.' more

  • Lori Johnson

    Debut author Lori Johnson strikes all the right chords in After the Dance -- the delightful story of a budding romance just waiting to blossom. Thirty-something Faye thinks the notion of finding a 'Mr. Right' is laughable, and has all but given up on the idea of true love. But Carl, the guy next door, feels otherwise. Little do they know, but soon their lives will take a more

  • Janet Dailey

    1 Wedding, 4 New York Times Bestselling Authors, 5 Happily Ever Afters! Stirring up all the romance and excitement a bride could hope for-plus a healthy dose of unforeseen shenanigans-four of today's most dazzling bestselling authors deliver the wedding of the year, where there's something-and someone-for everyone. Opposites attract when a wealthy cattleman and a penniless artist decide to get hitched at a Texas dude ranch in tornado country-and the whirlwind festivities are as filled with surprises as their love.especially when the guest list includes: one pretty party crasher on a mission, a sheriff known as the One Night Stand King, and a workaholic event planner who definitely did more