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  • Maria Bamford

    Three Bamford specials in one package! It's a brand new performance of the material from the special special special! as well as a DVD of Maria's two Comedy Central Presents specials! Maria has lent her hilarious, unique style to shows such as Arrested Development, The Sarah Silverman Program, Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job!, and The Comedians of Comedy and has performed stand-up on Conan, The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy more

  • 20%

    Maria Bamford

    In her latest album "20%" (recorded at UCB Franklin in Los Angeles), Maria Bamford reveals how she's coping with married life, getting older, being bi-polar and the many strange encounters she had during and after her nervous breakdown. Throughout, Bamford mines her darkest moments for humor with unbridled honesty and brings a range of colorful characters - some familiar, some new - more

  • Maria Bamford

    Taped at the Upright Citzens Brigade Theater in Hollywood, CA, Bamford has put together another album that showcases her life and overactive imagination. The CD contains almost an hour of hilarious stories told with characters in her inimitable more