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    'Going into his 'why,' Perry's audiobook is a fascinating listen.'- AudioFile This program is read by the author. A MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK BY TIME, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, GOODREADS, USA TODAY, AND MORE! The beloved star of Friends takes us behind the scenes of the hit sitcom and his struggles with addiction in this candid, funny, and revelatory memoir that delivers a powerful message of hope and persistence. “Hi, my name is Matthew, although you may know me by another name. My friends call me Matty. And I should be dead.” So begins the riveting story of acclaimed actor Matthew Perry, taking us along on his journey from childhood ambition to fame to addiction and more

  • Matthew Perry

    Durch sein Mitwirken in der US-Kultserie FRIENDS erreichte der Schauspieler Matthew Perry Weltruhm. Erstmals erzählt er nun seine eigene Geschichte und berichtet ungeschönt von seinem Aufwachsen als Scheidungskind, einem unsteten Leben zwischen Kanada und Kalifornien, Humor als Coping-Mechanismus, dem steilen Aufstieg als Schauspieler - und seinem schwindelerregenden Fall, bedingt durch Alkohol und Drogen. Ein Hörbuch, das die Magie von FRIENDS heraufbeschwört, zu Tränen rührt und ungeahnte Einblicke in ein bewegtes more

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    'Traveling easily through a thousand years of history, The Bright Ages reminds us society never collapsed when the Roman Empire fell, nor did the modern world did wake civilization from a thousand year hibernation. Thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful and accessible; a fresh look on an age full of light, color, and illumination.' —Mike Duncan, author of Hero of Two Worlds: The Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution A lively and magisterial popular history that refutes common misperceptions of the European Middle Ages, showing the beauty and communion that flourished alongside the dark brutality—a brilliant reflection of humanity itself. The word “medieval” conjures more