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  • Michael Zuckert

    Much of the political life of the United States takes the form of contests about rights. This passion for liberty was forged and stoked by the nation's foundational documents: the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. Now you can join esteemed political scientist Professor Michael Zuckert for a fascinating exploration of America's enduring passion for rights as sparked by these two documents. The Nancy R. Dreux Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Notre Dame, Prof. Zuckert was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jack Miller Center for his many contributions to American political scholarship. In 15 gripping audio lectures, Prof. more

  • Michael P. Zuckert

    The culmination of years of work on Abraham Lincoln's political thought, Michael Zuckert's A Nation So Conceived argues for a coherent center to Lincoln's political ideology. Zuckert provides invaluable guidance to understanding both Lincoln and the politics of the United States between 1845 and Lincoln's death in 1865 by focusing on roughly a dozen speeches that Lincoln made during his career. This listener-friendly chronological organization is motivated by Zuckert's emphasis on Lincoln as a practical politician who was always fully aware of the political context of the moment. According to Lincoln's speech at Gettysburg, America was new precisely because it was born in dedication to more