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  • Rachel John

    She’s bad at reading signals. He’s sent all the wrong ones. Jenny… Of course Noah would come back, and right when my life is a mess. I swear we had the best carpool friendship. Until he asked me out, then changed his mind, and then asked me out again, only to ghost me. I hate him so much. Almost as much as I love him and miss him—the old him before he became the worst ever. I don’t know what to think, but I know what I’m going to do. I’m locking my heart in a vault where he can’t reach it. My crush on him may have been obvious and embarrassing, but now that he’s in carpool again, I’m making sure the only thing getting crushed around here are his hopes for more

  • Rachel John

    She knows a match when she sees one, but she's clueless about her own heart. Emma Woodhouse is happily single, though that's never stopped her from making matches for others. Her best friend, George Knightley, thinks it's a sure way to trouble, but what's wrong with giving romance a little nudge? George has been fighting his feelings for Emma for years, but with families so closely intertwined, rocking the friendship boat would complicate more than just their relationship. He won't do that to her, or ask why she keeps cuddling up next to him on the couch to watch their favorite show at night. When a matchmaking scheme gone wrong drives a wedge between them, the last thing they want is more

  • Rachel John

    'Angry people are not always wise.' -Jane Austen After a standoff in the pizza parlor, Elsie Bennet has decided Fitzwilliam 'I-Throw-Fitz' Darcy is the worst customer she's ever encountered. Also the best looking, but that's beside the point. She's horrified to discover Will is not just passing through her small town, he's her new neighbor. Will Darcy has all the money and time he could ask for, and yet life never seems to meet his expectations. When his best friend, Charlie, starts dating Jane Bennet, Will becomes their unhappy third-wheel. The solution? Bring along Jane's sister, Elsie, a girl who challenges him, makes him laugh, plagues his thoughts, and unfortunately, hates more

  • Rachel John

    Sometimes love is war. Clay... My best friend has held a grudge against his half-sister, Lauren, forever. It’s unjustified and ridiculous, but I have to take his side. Also ridiculous? How bad I have it for her. My Lauren radar goes off the second she steps in the building. Did I mention we work together and her dad’s the boss? Yeah, she’s so off-limits I might as well start running now and never come back. Except, her family is like family to me. So, I’ll do whatever it takes to stick around, even if she hates my guts. Lauren... I date guys nothing like Clay on purpose. I will not let my old crush on him get the best of me. It’s going on the list of more

  • Rachel John

    Which one is the worst neighbor ever? It might be a toss up. Melissa... Connor Harwood is a snoop, a bad neighbor, and a tree and grass killer. Oh, and probably a criminal. I can't forget that part. The fact that I find him to be the handsomest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on is completely irrelevant. I'll just have to keep a close watch while also ignoring his very existence. I can do both, right? Connor... Melissa Cooke is way more than I can handle right now, and most likely stalker material. I have to remember that. I will not be taken in by the way she looks in her elephant-print pajama pants while holding her little excitable dog. I will not...go...over...there. ** more

  • Rachel Portman

    Major public figures go back to their beginnings and uncover where they really started John Wilson (acclaimed arts and culture reporter and journalist, and presenter of Front Row, Newsnight Review and Pick of the Week) meets up with a variety of public figures from such diverse fields as food, mathematics, politics, writing and music, and takes them back to the influential schools, teachers, and early workplaces they may have forgotten, but which have not forgotten them. His guests include the first Black trade union leader, Lord Bill Morris; classical violinist Tasmin Little; the late restaurateur and television chef, Gary Rhodes; Lord Digby Jones, former Minister of State for more

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    This outstanding collection of short stories features some of the best of original fiction, in audio for the first time. Written for and originally published exclusively on, this audiobook includes Nebula and World Fantasy Award-nominated short stories, brand-new fiction from bestselling authors, and tales that feature characters and worlds that listeners already know and love. In this unique story collection, listeners will enjoy fiction from Sylvia Day, John Scalzi, Brandon Sanderson, and many others. The collection includes: “Earth Hour” by Ken MacLeod “Eve of Sin City” by Sylvia Day, featuring Evangeline Hollis of the Marked series more

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    A Christmas musical adventure like no other, Narrated by Christopher Eccleston (Dr Who) and featuring original songs performed by a West End cast. Barry is a penguin detective with enough gumption to carry him from one end of the earth to the other and back again. When Father Christmas is kidnapped by the evil Bedbug Queen it looks like Christmas will be destroyed forever. Only the chosen one, a girl called Phoebe, can save him. But she hates Christmas... Will Barry convince her to help him? Will they reach Father Christmas before midnight strikes? Will they have the power to stop the evil Bedbug Queen? Featuring unforgettable new songs, this is a superbly original, comical more