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  • Robbyn Ackner

    A humorous and thought provoking take on the crazy events that occurred during the 2016 election season and right up through the inauguration, centering around that whirlwind of narcissistic sociopath himself, Donald Trump. 25 Poems about Trump, his rogues gallery of supporters and opponents, as well the media chronicling it. If you feel ready to burst into tears at any moment, this book will offer a short respite of laughter before you go back to contemplating doomsday. We will answer many questions, most of which you never considered asking . What do Trump and Dorian Gray have in common? (Hint; it's not upper class British manners) What's worse than a week with more

  • Richard Ackner

    Approximately one year after Trump was inaugurated and it feels like 10. The horror we felt at Donald J Trump being elected, is like a sunny walk in the park compared to him actually being President. The incompetent staff, the complicit adult children, the gang of destroyers masquerading as cabinet secretaries. To quote his own economic adviser, Gary Cohn, "Trump is less a person then a collection of terrible traits, none of which is suited to being President." These poems are our attempt to cope with it, cheaper then psychiatry, healthier than heavy drinking. (We've cut back to moderate drinking). We do hope these poems bring you some much needed laughter. Please enjoy Trump Rhymes more