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  • Tyler Bordan

    This 11-book bundle contains the following titles: How to Talk to Anyone: Small Talk, Networking, and Communication Techniques Explained Personality Types: Discover Your True Type Through Elaborate Analyses Men's Brains: The Male Brain Explained Through Neural Analyses Women's Brains: The Female Brain Explained Through Neural Analyses Emotional Maturity: Understanding the Child and the Adult in You Difficult People Verbal Abuse: How Your Verbally Abusive Relationship Can Wear You Down How to Flirt: Playing the Seduction Game the Right Way by Understanding Attraction Jealousy: Seven Signs to Help You Trust Your Relationship and Stop Insecurity Domestic Violence: Guide more

  • Mandy Womack

    This is a 4-book Bundle! Book 1: Multiple Personality Disorder If you know what multiple personality disorder is, you probably wonder how this disorder develops, how it manifests itself, and what can be done. This quick guide will help you get to the bottom of these questions.  Book 2: Manic Depression What if you could begin to overcome your depression by getting the right information? Wouldn't that be something worth investing into? Depression is a serious condition, and a manic depression takes it even a step further. It would be better to comprehend what you or a loved one is going through than to remain in the dark and not know what to do. I am not saying that it will be an more

  • Tyler Bordan

    Roughly 95% of Americans don't appear to have an ethical problem with animals being killed for food, yet all of us would have a serious problem with humans being killed for food. What does an animal lack that a human has that justifies killing the animal for food but not the human? As you start to list properties that the animal lacks to justify eating them, you begin to realize that some humans also lack those properties, yet we don't eat those humans. Is this logical proof that killing and eating animals for food is immoral? Don't put away your steak knife just yet. In Eat Meat... Or Don't, we examine the moral arguments for and against eating meat with both philosophical more