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  • Curtis A. Deeter

    Wizards. Prisoners. Preachers. And robots! They stick out. They change the conversation. They challenge the traditional narrative. They are Outcasts—isolated, different, misunderstood. Being normal is nice. But being outcast is a real part of the human experience.  Have you have ever had the feeling of being alone in some way, of being on the outside looking in? If so, then the characters in these short stories will move you--sometimes by their depravity, sometimes by their sorrow...and sometimes by their joy. The Ohio Writers' Association has partnered with Ohio Audiobook Narrators to write and produce these short stories that describe the very human experience of more

  • Wayne Curtis

    And a Bottle of Rum tells the raucously entertaining story of America as seen through the bottom of a drinking glass. With a chapter for each of ten cocktails, Wayne Curtis reveals that the homely spirit once distilled from the industrial waste of the exploding sugar trade has managed to infiltrate every stratum of New World society. Curtis takes us from the taverns of the American colonies, where rum delivered both a cheap wallop and cash for the Revolution, to the plundering pirate ships off the coast of Central America, to the watering holes of pre-Castro Cuba, and to the kitsch-laden tiki bars of 1950s America. Here are sugar barons and their armies conquering the Caribbean, more